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Lucie Wibberley

  • Call: 2005
Legal 500 UK Awards 2015: Winner


Lucie practices exclusively in criminal defence. She has particular expertise in high value fraud and confiscation, appellate work, serious violence, drugs and sexual offending. She is a formidable, meticulous and intelligent criminal advocate, with great presence in court.

Instructions in 2016/17 include: VHCC confiscation, led junior, arising out of ‘Demravale’ MTIC VAT fraud cases; contested £27.5 million drugs confiscation, sole counsel (ongoing): drugs confiscation £14.5 million (led junior); fraud (Operation Rhino – acquitted), fraud (banking) ongoing, murder (led junior), firearms/ ammunition, armed robbery, s.18 (eg. defence of self defence, acquitted) arson (£500k, acquitted), rapes (acquitted), large scale conspiracy to steal from Royal Mail (inside job, linked to internet fraud- acquitted) and politically motivated violent disorder (one client acquitted further to legal argument, one trial pending). One ‘brothel’ case, which would have raised a novel argument on the application of Human Rights law to the sex industry, was reported by the Guardian. Lucie is now instructed in a similar case (trial pending).

In the Court of Appeal in 2016 Lucie successfully appealed two sentences, appeared in a CCRC referral case (false documents) and was junior counsel in the last Operation Elveden case (provision of information to journalists by public officials) led by Keir Monteith, also of the Garden Court Crime Team. This was the only such case to argue on appeal for an Article 10 defence  and consideration is now being given to a further appeal.

Lucie is a committee member of the Criminal Appeal Lawyers Association (CALA) a member of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) and South Eastern Circuit (SEC) and an appointed Clerk for the Bar Tribunal Adjudication Service (which determines allegations of professional misconduct against barristers). Previously, Lucie worked in politics, both at Westminster, for a number of MPs and for INQUEST (deaths in custody). She has a Masters degree in Political Philosophy (UCL) and a First Class undergraduate degree. She was a speaker at for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health training course in 2016 and will provide this training again in 2017, for Paediatric Consultants who appear as witnesses in child injury cases in the criminal courts.

Recent Notable Cases


R v T and others 2017 – Bank Fraud.
Trial pending.

R v I 2016 – Fraud – ‘Operation Rhino’.
Operation resulting in 38 prosecutions and two acquittals, of which this was one. NEO on the second day of trial.

R v T 2016
Money laundering further to confidence fraud.

R v K 2016 – VHCC. Confiscation.
Alleged benefit of £12.5 million related to £27 million fraud. Led junior. Further to conviction on an MTIC VAT fraud (contra trading).

R v Q 2016 – Confiscation.
Led junior. £14.5 million benefit (drugs).

R v I – Confiscation.
Sole junior. Benefit of £27.5 million alleged (drugs). Hearing pending.

R v H- 2015 – Fraud – Personal Assistant – Good Character.
Highly trusted position working for company director. Fraudulent activity on bank accounts over several years.


Extensive experience in drug cases (A, B and C) and related confiscation proceedings (see ‘Confiscation’ above).

R v S 2017 – largescale conspiracy/ drug supply (Cat A). (Ongoing)
Extensive phone and document evidence.

R v K 2017 – multihanded conspiracy to supply Cat A (Ongoing).
Extensive phone evidence.


R v Norman, Appeal Conviction – [2016] EWCA Crim 1564.
Operation Elvedon case. Misconduct in Public Office. Belmash prison officer accused of providing information to a journalist. Led by Keir Monteith. Appeal proceedings predicated on Article 10 arguments. The case received press coverage, see Press Gazette.

R v N 2016 – Controlling Prostitution. Appeal Sentence – Allowed.
Mother with a history of vulnerabilities and joint custody of a child resident abroad. Sentence varied from immediate to suspended imprisonment further to expedited appeal.

R v Graham Bathgate 2016 –Appeal Sentence –Allowed.
Activation of suspended sentence overturned.

R v KA 2016 (CCRC Referral. Assigned by Registrar.)
Asserting negligent professional advice in a possession of false documents case.

R v Jackson-Mason [2015] 1 Cr. App. R. 6.
Admissibility of expert evidence (suggestibility). Ghosh direction. Sir Brian Leveson, PQBD.

R v Palmer, Gyamfi & Cooke [2014] EWCA Crim 1681.
Led junior. Shop staffed by UCOs. Abuse (entrapment). Disclosure of RIPA 2000 authorisations. UCO gave evidence for the appellant after writing a book in which he criticised the operation (Christian Plowman, Crossing the Line, Mainstream Publishing, 2013).

Serious Violence

R v T 2017 – Murder. Led junior.
Trial pending.

R v R 2017 –s .18
Trial pending.

R v W 2017 – s.18
Trial pending.

R v E 2016/17 – False Imprisonment and assault/sexual assault.
Trial pending.

R v D – Violent Disorder 2017.
Political protest. Trial pending.

R v G 2016 – s.18. – Acquitted.
Stabbing of partner. Self defence.

R v M 2016 – Arson (£500,000k) – Acquitted.
Submission of No Case.

R v P 2016 – Armed Robbery.
Newton on pressure/coercion.

R v X 2016 – Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

R v M 2015 – Firearm with Intent to Endanger Life – Acquitted.
Sawn-off shotgun. Loaded. Co-D / Cut Throat.

R v SG 2015 – Aggravated Burglary – Acquitted.


R v S 2016 – Conspiracy to StealAcquitted.
Fraudulently obtained parcels intercepted using insider information about Royal Mail IT systems. Cut throat. Secretly obtained evidence of co-d’s ‘confession’ relied on.

R v RN 2015 – Misconduct in Public Office – ‘Operation Elveden’ – ‘The Belmarsh Mole’.
Led by Keir Monteith. CCC. Senior Treasury Counsel (Leader and Junior). Prison Officer accused of selling information to a journalist at the Mirror/NotW. Article 10 defence. Complex legal submission on abuse, submission of no case, admission of NEO for Co-D and on ‘Article 10’ jury directions. The case was covered by the media, including the BBC.

R v A 2015 – Blackmail. Acquitted.
Family feud. Defendant’s belief in aliens formed part of the defence.

R v TP 2014 – ‘Operation Gemini’ (118 persons charged). Possession of ID Documents with Improper Intent. Abuse of Process (Entrapment).
TP traded passports in a shop staffed by UCOs.  Back room ‘goodies’ featured. TP invited to supply a firearm. Detailed and legally complex disclosure arguments relating to RIPA 2000 authorisations and PII argument. Cross examination of senior authorising operational officers (including commander) and of undercover officers. (See linked appeal case of R v Palmer, Gyamfi & Cooke [2014] EWCA Crim 1681).

Sexual Offences

R v X 2015 – Rape (s.1) (child complainant).
Allegation of stranger rape with an accomplice, both armed with weapons. Late service of significant phone evidence pre-trial. Fought on disclosure resulting in discharge of first jury. No evidence offered prior to second trial.

R v Y 2015 – Sexual Assault. (Penetration) (child complainant).
Related and unrelated indecent images counts. C deemed vulnerable. Ground rules at trial. Extensive social media messaging evidence.

R v Z 2015 – Sexual Assault. (child complainant).
Learning disabled complainant and defendant. Both granted intermediaries for trial. Fought on disclosure, competence and abuse of process. No evidence offered one week before trial.

R v R – Outraging Public Decency.
Male defendant. Repeated exposure to female complainants living in flat opposite. Complex written legal argument regarding whether or not elements of the offence made out.

R v R – Sexual Assault.
Stranger attacks on women, early morning, secluded location. Avoided custody.


Extensive experience in drug cases (A, B and C) and related confiscation proceedings (see ‘Confiscation’ above).

R v S 2017 – large-scale conspiracy/ drug supply (Cat A). (Ongoing)
Extensive phone and document evidence.

R v K 2017 – multi-handed conspiracy to supply Cat A (Ongoing).
Extensive phone evidence.