National Security and Closed Material Procedures

Garden Court is the leading set of barristers specialising in defending the rights of individuals and groups where secret material is used against them.

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Garden Court has been defending the rights of Appellants in CMPs, where national security or other public interests are cited, as they have proliferated widely over the last 25 years.

The creation of Special immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) in 1997 heralded the emergence of the Closed Material Procedure (CMP), where Appellants must defend themselves against evidence they are not allowed to see, while being excluded from part of the proceedings. 

Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC)

As the leading set in immigration and citizenship law, Garden Court Chambers has unparalleled specialist experience in representing Appellants in SIAC. 

Since 1997, Garden Court’s specialist team has been at the forefront of the ever-developing complex case law in SIAC, and are experts in every aspect of appeals against Deprivation of Citizenship, Refusal of Entry Clearance, Human Rights Appeals, Exclusion from the UK, Refusal of Citizenship (Naturalisation) and Deportation, Exclusion from Refugee Convention and Bail. 

SIAC is a dedicated CMP environment which deals with immigration and citizenship appeals where the Home Secretary wishes to withhold material from the Appellant for national security or other public interest reasons.  


Areas of Expertise

  • Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC)
  • Proscribed Organisations Appeals Commission (POAC)
  • Temporary Exclusion Orders (TEO)
  • Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIM)
  • Civil Action/Damages claims where disclosure is restricted due to national security considerations
  • Cancellation/Refusal to issue passports or travel documents
  • Financial restrictions/Sanctions

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