Dexter Dias KC

Year of Call: 1988 | Year of Silk: 2009

“An excellent all round barrister. Hard-working, client friendly and utterly fearless."

Chambers UK, 2024

"Exceptionally bright and someone with a photographic memory. He is so hard-working and will leave no stone unturned."

Chambers UK, 2023

"One of the cleverest people at the criminal Bar. His emotional intelligence is rare for someone so academically gifted."

Chambers UK, 2022 (Crime)

"Knows how to get to the core of the case and delivers electric speeches."

Chambers UK, 2021 (Crime)

"He is a top performer and a proper jury advocate. Combines steely determination with an easy manner and inspires confidence to all those around him that he is on top of the detail and his case."

Legal 500, 2021 (Crime)

"Incredibly clever and committed to international human rights law."

Legal 500, 2021 (Civil Liberties & Human Rights)


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Ranked in Chambers UK 2023
Legal 500 2023: Leading Silk

Dexter Dias KC is an award-winning barrister (King's Counsel) who has been instructed in some of the biggest cases of recent years involving human rights, murder, crimes against humanity, terrorism, war crimes and genocide.

He has also played a pivotal role in public inquiries and inquests that are watersheds in the developing law of the land.

Dexter has been instrumental in changing the law to better protect young women and girls at risk of FGM and works internationally on human rights with victims and survivors of abuse of institutional power and harmful social practices. He is Chair of the Global Media Campaign to End FGM (a development of The Guardian newspaper's project).

He was finalist in Liberty & Justice's Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, nominated for "his outstanding commitment to the rule of law and justice for all; for his deep devotion to ensure that the voices of the weakest in society are heard."

He is a Crown Court Recorder authorised to sit at the Old Bailey and on Serious Sexual Offences, and is Visiting Researcher at Cambridge University and recently Harvard.

Criminal Defence


Dexter has appeared in - and won - many of the most high-profile murder trials in recent years: see below. He works relentlessly, in close collaboration with his solicitors and lay client, is fearless in court and is particularly known for his searching cross-examinations, deep knowledge of the law, and engaging the jury with his closing speeches.

Notable Cases

Past notable cases can be viewed below. Click here to see a list of recent notable cases.

In 2018 Dexter had the case of a youth accused of murder dismissed at 'half-time' at St Alban's Crown Court, the only defendant to be entirely acquitted. This required his experience and expertise in dismantling the Crown's cellsite and forensic evidence.

In 2018 Dexter also secured the acquittal of an 18 year-old accused of murder at the Old Bailey in a challenging multi-directional cut-throat case. Those attacking his lay client were convicted of murder; his defendant was acquitted. He also appeared in one of the most high-profile 'moped murder' cases, representing a youth with severe learning difficulties needing an intermediary.

In 2017 Dexter secured the acquittal of a defendant accused of a gang-related firearms execution, establishing via a detailed challenge to the pathology that the prosecution case theory was flawed.

In 2016, Dexter secured the acquittal of a youth accused of gang-related murder; he also secured the acquittal of a man accused of an Albanian Mafia-related murder.

In 2015, Dexter secured his lay client's acquittal of murder in a gangland execution case. He also appeared in another high-profile double murder gang-related firearms assassination.

In 2014, Dexter obtained the acquittal of murder of his lay client in the nationally reported Leicester House Fire murder; he also acted for the lead defendant in a £170 million money laundering case.

In 2013, he secured the acquittal of his lay client in a three-month 'cut-throat' murder trial at the Old Bailey; conducted one of the biggest 'Bollywood' fraud trials; appeared in a four-month gang-related execution trial.

In May 2012, he secured the acquittal of his lay client in a major fraud and money laundering case, applying to dismiss the prosecution pre-trial. He was the only counsel to succeed in this application. In February 2012, he secured the acquittal of his client following an attempted murder trial that was nationally reported and involved a government 'code-breaker' expert witness.

During 2010, he conducted a five-month trial at the Old Bailey in which his client was acquitted of murder, attempted murder and manslaughter. The case involved the murder of the son of the former Prime Minister of Somalia.

Dexter's reputation for human rights work placed him at the forefront of the wave of terrorist trials that have mapped new territory in the balance between national security and civil liberties. He was leading counsel in the 'Soldier Beheading Plot' case (Operation Gamble), one of the first prosecutions under the 'duty to inform' provisions of the new Terrorism Act. He conducted the 'Terrorist Training Camps' case (linked to 21/7 London bombings) - the first prosecution under the Terrorism Act 2006 (Operation Over Amp), where he appeared for the principal defendant. He provided emergency advice in the matter of O, a case involving the detention conditions for those convicted of terrorist offences. He advised and appeared in the Bristol suicide bombing plot terrorist case (Operation Vulcanise).

Previous notable cases

In summer 2006 Dexter appeared in a gang-related triple murder execution case at the Old Bailey, which was regarded by senior officers in Operation Trident as one of the most brutal investigated.

During the first half of 2006, he appeared in a five-month murder trial at Bristol Crown Court, which stemmed from the biggest investigation by Avon & Somerset Police (Operation Aragon - linked with the Met's Operation Yigo). His client was acquitted of all counts of murder and conspiracy to murder.

In 2004, Dexter appeared in the world's biggest diamond robbery case, the multi-million pound 'heist' from Graff's Jewellers, New Bond Street. He also appeared in a $100 million international fraud which involved the US Treasury Department.

In 2003, he secured the acquittal of 'Kaish', a singer in the So Solid Crew. In doing so, he helped cast doubt upon one of the world's foremost forensic lip-reading experts. She is no longer used by the Crown. This led to the BBC programme on the case. He also effected the dropping of a murder case against his client at the Central Criminal Court when his detailed analysis of CCTV from the Unused Material proved that his client must have been innocent.

In 2002 he was leading counsel on a four-month trial concerning a massive importation of heroin from the continent. He was instructed in an attempted murder of a police officer and won an alleged gangland execution case at the Old Bailey. He was also instructed in an alleged 'Taliban-inspired' murder. It was a four-handed cut-throat defence - only his client was acquitted.

In 2000, he conducted a trial at the Central Criminal Court which uncovered corruption and malpractice in the Immigration Service at Gatwick Airport.

In 1999, Dexter was counsel in the landmark GM crops case, the winning of which led a moratorium and governmental rethink on commercial testing.

In 1996/7 he was counsel in one of the biggest investigations by the Met's anti-Yardie taskforce. He secured acquittals on all counts of murder.

In 1994 Dexter acted in the Security Guard murder, which involved the biggest reward ever offered by the Greater Manchester Police. His client was acquitted of murder.

In 1993 he won acquittals in one of the most notorious of murder cases in the North of the decade - the Penny Black murder in Manchester.

In 1991 and 1992 Dexter helped expose corruption at Stoke Newington Police Station, winning cases that, along with others, led to one of the biggest modern police corruption investigations, Operation Jackpot. Jackpot investigated police corrupt practices, theft and conspiracy to pervert the court of justice. The Stoke Newington drugs squad was disbanded. One of the officers eventually went to prison for ten years.

In 1990 and 1991 he participated in all the major Poll-tax demonstration cases, securing the acquittal of Neil Fernandez, the man who allegedly 'torched the Porsche' - according to the front page of most national tabloids. Following Dexter's cross-examination, the police officer in the case was referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for perjury. Dexter was also counsel in the largest riot trial, which ran five months. He secured an acquittal.

Dexter started his legal career defending Anti-Apartheid protestors, CND, poll-tax demonstrators, and hippies fighting for the right to dance naked around Stonehenge. After winning the last-mentioned case, he was invited to join his lay clients at the next solstice. He graciously declined.

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Financial Crime and Confiscation

Dexter has appeared in many large value frauds, having been particularly instructed in cases involving complex international schemes where his lay clients faces severe challenges.

By way of example, in 2013 he was instructed in the biggest Telecom fraud. In 2014, he appeared in a multi-million pound Bollywood fraud. In 2015, he appeared in a £170 million MTIC fraud. He has previously appeared in a $USD 100 million Treasury fraud.

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Inquests and Inquiries


Dexter has played a pivotal role in public inquiries and inquests that are watersheds in the developing law of the land (Zahid Mubarek Inquiry, Gareth Myatt, Cherry Groce and Alton Manning inquests).

Notable Cases

Past notable cases can be viewed below. Click here to see a list of recent notable cases.

Previous Notable Cases

Dexter represented the family of Cherry Groce in a landmark inquest of national importance. Cherry was shot in the back by police in front of her children in her home. Her shooting led to the Brixton Riots. During the inquest Dexter challenged the police about their deficiencies in their operation and the jury, three decades after the shooting, returned a severely critical narrative verdict, confirming the serious police failures.

Dexter also represented the family of Jake Hardy at the inquest into the death of a young person with many learning and cognitive difficulties who was being bullied in prison. Although Jake tried to bring his problems to the attention of staff he was not adequately safeguarded and hanged himself. The jury returned a condemnatory verdict, finding multiple failures to protect Jake, causative of his death.

Dexter was leading counsel in the landmark inquest into the death of Gareth Myatt, aged 15. This was one of the longest death in custody inquests in legal history, and the jury returned an unprecedented verdict, devastatingly implicating Home Office and Youth Justice Board failures as causative of this child's death. The inquest judge wrote to the Secretary of State for Justice stating it would be 'wholly unforgivable' not to learn from the failures exposed during the inquest. His Honour Judge Pollard specified 34 Actions he believed should be taken to prevent other children dying in custody. The judge also stressed to the Home Secretary a theme pressed by Dexter throughout the inquest: the absolute need to 'listen to the voice of the child'.

HHJ Pollard's Report to the Secretary of State for Justice and the jury's narrative verdict are available online.

Dexter was counsel in the investigation into the death of Azrar Ayub, a young Asian man who died following restraint and emergency tranquillisation in a secure psychiatric unit. The jury returned a highly critical narrative verdict, and explicitly accepted Dexter's submission that facts surrounding the death of this young man had been concealed from them. He worked (pro bono) on behalf of the bereaved father and the Victoria Climbie Foundation in the Serious Case Review into the murder of two children by their clinically disturbed mother. The Review accepted that health professionals had failed to assess the risk this deeply disturbed mother presented to her children.

Dexter was counsel for the bereaved family in the Zahid Mubarek Inquiry before the Hon. Mr Justice Keith, the much-publicised public inquiry into the Prison Service following the racist murder of a young offender at Feltham Young Offenders Institution: reported at Lord Lester & David Pannick QC, Human Rights Law & Practice (2nd ed.), p121-2. During the entirety of Phase 2, Dexter represented Zahid's family on his own. Having now reported, the Inquiry has been hailed as being comparable in importance to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, and proposes significant reforms to the prison system to make it safer, more racially and religiously tolerant, and humane.

Dexter's scathing indictment of the failures in the prison service was widely reported in the national press. The Inquiry has led to the hugely successful play, Gladiator Games, which The Times describes as "a work of real political importance; painful to witness, but entirely essential". The first main action of the play is Dexter's speech. He was invited to deliver the opening speech at the inaugural Zahid Mubarek Memorial Lecture at the Theatre Royal, where he shared a platform with former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Lord Ramsbotham.

More information can be found on the Zahid Mubarek Inquiry Website, including Mr Justice Keith's Final Inquiry Report. Dexter's address to the national prison reform conference is also available.

Dexter represented the family of a young woman, Edita Pomell, who was found dead in HMP Brockhill in suspicious circumstances, amid allegations of her having being racially abused and sexually harassed, and having suffered physical violence from prison staff. Despite the Prison Service's claims that Edita's death was a suicide, the jury returned the Open Verdict that Edita's family had fought many years for. Further, Dexter persuaded the Coroner to allow the jury to provide a narrative on several points of pressing public interest concerning the treatment of young women in this prison. The jury provided a scathing assessment of the level of care provided by the Prison Service. A summary of the jury's narrative verdict is available.

Dexter changed the law of the land with the defining Alton Manning inquest, securing the first verdict of unlawful killing against a private British prison, proving that a young black inmate was killed by prison officers. He represented the deceased inmate's family in this protracted inquest on a pro bono basis - something that was said by Lord Bingham (then Lord Chief Justice) to do great credit to the legal profession. He also helped prove that the subsequent decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute the officers was unlawful, irrational and legally perverse.

The case underlined in UK law the rights of the family of victims to have rigorous scrutiny of deaths in State custody, applying the European Convention on Human Rights: reported at Professor HWR Wade's Administrative Law (9th ed), p524. The exposure of the police failings in the following investigation has led to major beneficial changes, culminating in the ACPO protocol of February 2006 for the investigation of deaths in State custody.

He conducted an inquest into the worrying death of a young black man after a high-speed police pursuit, a case which exposed serious flaws in the Met's monitoring of and policy towards high-speed vehicular pursuit.

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Notable Cases & News

Garden Court Chambers revises policy on Stratford Magistrates' Court

23 May 2024

Garden Court Chambers statement on security searches at Stratford Magistrates' Court

8 May 2024

Garden Court Chambers and Garden Court North remember Ian Macdonald QC

Garden Court Chambers and Garden Court North were honoured to host a memorial event for Ian Macdonald QC 1939-2019 at Middle Temple Hall on Tuesday 7 February 2023.

17 February 2023

Garden Court secures top tier rankings in the Legal 500 2023

Garden Court Chambers is proud to be recognised as a Top Tier set again in the Legal 500.

30 September 2022

Members of the Garden Court Chambers Crime Team support escalating proposed CBA action to include days of action

17 June 2022

Stephanie Harrison QC, Chair and Joint Head of Garden Court Chambers, comments on the Nationality and Borders Bill receiving Royal Assent

29 April 2022

Garden Court Crime Team statement on no returns action

30 March 2022

Garden Court secures number one rankings in Chambers UK Bar Guide 2022

21 October 2021

Dexter Dias QC Appointed Deputy High Court Judge

Garden Court is very pleased to announce that our colleague Dexter Dias QC has been appointed as a Deputy High Court Judge.

30 September 2021

Garden Court Chambers Crime Team shortlisted for Crime Set of the Year by Chambers Bar Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce that the Garden Court Chambers Crime Team has been shortlisted by the Chambers Bar Awards 2021 for Crime Set of the Year.

27 August 2021

Inquest finds that neglect and a series of omissions and failures by police and ambulance services contributed to the death of Leon Briggs

Our Dexter Dias QC of the Garden Court Chambers Inquests and Inquiries Team represented the family.

15 March 2021

Dexter Dias QC delivers talk at TEDxExeter: 'Racism wants your silence: it’s time to speak out'

Dexter Dias QC's talk went live on 18 June 2020.

21 June 2020

Eighteen year old acquitted of murder

Dexter Dias QC and Alex Rose represented Yigiter Gok, instructed by Ali Has of Morgan Has Solicitors.

2 October 2018

Dexter Dias QC delivers talk at TEDxExeter: 'Why, in a world of injustice and vanishing human rights, I choose to hope'

Dexter Dias QC's talk went live on 30 May 2018.

31 May 2018

Young man acquitted of murder, represented by Dexter Dias QC and Keir Montieth

Keir Montieth represented Scion Fogah-Brown at The Old Bailey, led by Dexter Dias QC.

16 January 2018

BBC Radio 4: Dexter Dias QC appears on the Today Programme to discuss work on FGM, terrorism and the Gareth Myatt inquest

Dexter Dias QC is a member of Garden Court Chambers’ Civil Liberties and Human Rights Team.

14 June 2017

Dexter Dias QC publishes new book on Human Rights

Dexter Dias QC of Garden Court Chambers publishes new book on human rights.

1 June 2017

Garden Court and Stephanie Harrison QC shortlisted for Human Rights and Public Law awards

Garden Court has been shortlisted at the Chambers Bar Awards, whilst Stephanie and our Public Law Team are shortlisted at the Legal 500 Awards.

21 October 2016

Two teenage boys acquitted of murder after Acton stabbing

Dexter Dias QC, Kieran Vaughan QC and Alex Rose of Garden Court Chambers represented the defendants.

29 July 2016

Garden Court Welcomes UN Women to Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is delighted to welcome the UN Women National Committee UK, which will be carrying out its work from Garden Court Chambers for the next six months.

21 December 2015

Chambers UK Bar Guide ranks Garden Court in Band 1

Garden Court Chambers recognised as a leading set for immigration, social housing, civil liberties, police law, Court of Protection, crime and inquests and public inquiries.

30 October 2015

Garden Court wins Legal 500 crime set of the year award

The winners in these awards are chosen by the Legal 500 as a result of thousands of interviews with firms, sets and counsel.

8 October 2015

Shooting of Cherry Groce caused by serious police failures

Dexter Dias QC and Richard Reynolds win highly critical verdict in Cherry Groce inquest.

11 July 2014

Leicester arson defendants acquitted of murder

Dexter Dias QC, Ali Naseem Bajwa QC, Anya Lewis and Terry McGuinness acted for three defendants acquitted of murder in relation to a Leicester house fire. The jury returned verdicts on the lesser alternative of manslaughter.

25 June 2014

Funding granted for Richard Reynolds to be junior counsel in Cherry Groce inquest

Inquest into death of Cherry Groce, who was shot by the Metropolitan police, due to begin next week.

25 June 2014

Dexter Dias QC instructed for family of Cherry Groce at inquest into her shooting

Dexter Dias QC has been instructed at inquest into the shooting which triggered the 1985 Brixton Riots.

24 April 2014

Dexter Dias QC and Deborah Coles publish article in Independent on Jake Hardy inquest

Article makes the case for deaths of children in custody to be added to the Independent Review into custodial deaths.

11 April 2014

‘Let’s Talk FGM’ event held at Garden Court

Garden Court co-hosts evening of lively debate with key FGM activists.

8 April 2014

Dexter Dias QC and Richard Reynolds obtain devastatingly critical jury verdict in Jake Hardy inquest

Jury finds serious prison failures contributed to the death of 17-year-old Jake Hardy.

4 April 2014

UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women meets with Garden Court practitioners

Garden Court welcomes Rashida Manjoo to discuss practitioners’ experiences of dealing with victims of violence against women.

2 April 2014

Dexter Dias QC published in Guardian on UK's failure to protect women and girls from genital mutilation

Dexter Dias QC has published an article in The Guardian analysing why the anti-FGM law has failed and offering alternative solutions.

10 February 2014

Why barristers walked out of court today

Today, for the first time in 800 years, lawyers publicly protested and staged a half-day walkout. Why? The short answer is that barristers walked out of court this morning to prevent the Government walking all over public justice.

6 January 2014

Dexter Dias QC argues against the high levels of custody and prison overcrowding in the criminal justice system

In an article for The Barrister magazine, Dexter Dias QC argues against the high levels of custody and prison overcrowding and draws lessons from his research at Harvard University.

26 November 2013

Dexter Dias QC publishes article with Fabian Society on the physical restraint of detained children

Garden Court barrister Dexter Dias QC has an article published today by the Fabian Society on the use of pain in restraining detained children. Dexter was leading counsel for the family of Gareth Myatt in the inquest following Gareth's death during physic

8 November 2013

Dexter Dias QC presents restraint death research at Harvard

Garden Court's Dexter Dias QC this week presented his award-winning restraint death research to the Moral Cognition Lab at Harvard University.

22 October 2013

Garden Court Chambers recommended as Top Tier Set in Legal 500 2013

Garden Court Chambers is once again delighted to have been recommended as a Top Tier Set in this year's Legal 500. We are recommended in six areas of law as a set, with 11 silks and 27 junior barristers recognised individually.

25 September 2013

Giving a Voice to Marginalised Groups

Garden Court collaborated with digital media organisation sounddelivery this week to host an evening exploring innovative ways to give a voice to people who are socially excluded, marginalised and suffer from social injustice.

14 February 2013

Garden Court barristers recognised in Black Letter Law directory

Garden Court Chambers was delighted to learn that a record number of members of Chambers have been identified in the latest edition of Black Letter Law Directory. In total, 12 barristers have been highlighted for being in the news or as notable practition

15 January 2013

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Dexter is a prize-winning scholar of Cambridge University, having been elected to a Foundation Scholarship at Jesus College and winning the Lopez-Rey Prize for the highest Distinction in his research degree at the Faculty of Law's Institute of Criminology, where he critically analysed the use of state coercive force on vulnerable young people in custody.

His concern about this area arose after representing the mother of Gareth Myatt at the inquest into her son's death following restraint by prison officers. Dexter has also been pursuing his ambition of creating fairer and more socially just legal systems by way of research at Harvard University.

Dexter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is also a Friend of the Chapel and Choir of King's College, Cambridge.


The Ten Types of Human (Penguin Random House, 2018): Dexter recently published a book based on ten years of his social justice research and his three decades' human rights practice. The book is being published internationally and has been a number one bestseller on Amazon in over a dozen different categories. He appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, being interviewed by Nick Robinson. He also featured in an hour session on Radio 5 Live discussing the book and his legal practice. He gave major talks at the Hay and Edinburgh Festivals, and the book was given a major feature in The Guardian, where Dexter was interviewed by Zoe Williams. The book subsequently inspired a podcast The 100 Types of Human.

Dexter has been published numerous times in the national and legal press on human rights and social justice issues and has regularly appeared on television and radio. He is also an internationally published novelist with bestsellers in the UK and abroad. His first novel, the thriller False Witness, was a top 20 bestseller in the UK. He has followed it up with four further globally published novels. He has been published by Time Warner in the US. His books have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German and Finnish. Above the Law was a number two bestseller in South Africa. His fifth novel Power of Attorney, was a WH Smith book of the month.

Cases That Changed Our Lives, Stop The Traffik: selected by International Bar Association to author chapter for worldwide publication to support the movement to prevent human trafficking. Forward by Lord Thomas.

BBC: Dexter was chosen by the BBC to represent the Defence and Human Rights Bar on Radio 4's factual programme 'Between Ourselves'. He appeared with Nicholas Hilliard KC (now the Honourable Recorder of London); the programme was selected as one the BBC's Picks of the Week.


Dexter's distinctive rights-based style of advocacy, marked by a passionate commitment to fundamental freedoms and social justice, resulted in his winning the TMG award for Outstanding Contribution to Advocacy and Justice, and being finalist in Liberty and JUSTICE's prestigious Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award, short-listed by a panel of judges including Baroness Hale of the Supreme Court.

He was nominated for "his outstanding commitment to the rule of law and justice for all; for his deep devotion to ensure that the voices of the weakest in society are heard."

Associated Work

Global Media Campaign to End FGM: Dexter is honoured to be appointed Chair of this innovative campaign to help end FGM, an offshoot of the Guardian newspaper's international campaign.

Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice, University of Cambridge: Affiliate; developing social justice initiatives.

Law Commission: Consulted by the Law Commission working group reviewing Fitness to Plead, and made a co-authored a more effective assessment protocol, with Dexter's text now made operational.

Parliament: contributor to briefing on the Coroner's & Justice Bill 2009, which in part led to Government shelving of plans for 'secret inquests' into controversial deaths involving the State.


  • Jesus College, Cambridge (First Class; ranked 1st in year; awarded Lopez-Rey Prize for research degree)
  • Research Fellow, Harvard University
  • Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University
  • Elected to Foundation Scholarship of Jesus College

Professional Membership

  • Bar Human Rights Committee: Chair Working Group on FGM; seminal report to Parliamentary Inquiry on FGM. Secured positive changes in law.
  • Bar Standards Board: appointed from 2008 to the profession's regulatory body (Standards Committee).
  • Governor, INQUEST: Dexter was very proud to have been Governor of the charity INQUEST, the only organisation in the UK to provide free advice and support to bereaved families following contentious deaths in custody. While Dexter was a Governor, the charity won the prestigious Longford Prize for outstanding work in the field of penal and social reform which demonstrates qualities of humanity, courage, persistence and originality.
  • Ministerial Council on Deaths in Custody: Independent Advisory Panel: Appointed to the Stakeholders Group of the IAP, chaired by Lord Harris, to provide independent expertise and advice to work to create safer systems of custody and reduce the incidence of prison deaths.
  • Chair, Bar Equality Training: From January 2010-13 Dexter was Chair of the Bar's Equality Training sub-committee, determined to promote equality training and understanding of gender, race and disability rights throughout the profession, following Lord Neuberger's report on Entry to the Bar. He actively contributed to the committee's work from 2008 and has been one of the Bar's principal trainers for several years.
  • Patron, UNLOCK: Dexter was appointed patron of UNLOCK, the independent charity that works with reformed offenders to assist them putting their lives back on track so they can fulfill their potential through equality of opportunity, and an understanding of their rights and social responsibilities.
  • Public funding: appointed to Bar Council committee, convened by Chairman of Bar, to oppose Government plans that would destroy the fabric of legal services. Dexter's legal analysis of compliance and equality issues constituted a significant part of the Bar's official response.
  • Ambassador, Make Justice Work: appointed Ambassador of Make Justice Work, an innovative campaign aimed at making the criminal justice system fairer and more effective.


  • French
  • A little Italian

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