Jacqueline Vallejo

Year of Call: 1997

Jacqueline Vallejo specialises in all aspects of criminal defence work, in the magistrates' courts, Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal. She is of dual English and Spanish nationality and often defends Spanish-speaking clients from South America and Spain.


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A significant amount of the work Jacqui undertakes involves cases which require the cross examination of vulnerable complainants. Other specialisms include cases which involve the robust challenging of police officers' evidence and cases which rely upon forensic evidence.

Jacqui has experience in a wide range of criminal law cases including large-scale drug cases, multi-handed public order cases, Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) cases and dishonesty cases. She also has experience in violence and hate crime cases, possession of unlawful weapons, child cruelty, sexual offences and death by dangerous driving. Jacqui's friendly and down-to-earth approach is appreciated by both professional and lay clients.

Notable Cases

R v Murrian and others, (October 2014) Kingston Crown Court
Conspiracy to rob Robert Gatward Jewellers (pre-cursor to the Selfridges robbery). The defendant was sentenced to six years' imprisonment at a Young Offenders Institution. This case was reported in the Ascot Windsor and Eton Express.

R v Alistair Batchelor (and Garrett and Others) (2014) Blackfriars Crown Court
Conspiracy to commit criminal damage (urban exploration); Stayed as an abuse of process and autrefois convict. This case has been covered by the Evening Standard.

Mr Rashid, (Aug 2013) Blackfriars Crown Court
Successful half-time submission on death by dangerous driving. Mr Rashid was sentence for death by careless driving on 7 January 2014 and received 140 hours community service. This case was reported in the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard and the Camden New Journal.

Attempted Murder

R v W (2013) Blackfriars Crown Court
Attempted Murder - Convicted. Discretionary life sentence with 12-year tariff. This case was reported in the local press.

R v Douglas (2011-12) Gloucester Crown Court
Domestic. Not guilty (legal argument).

R v Welch (2010-11) Central Criminal Court
Knife attack by teenagers on another youth. Not guilty (legal argument).

R v Elliot (2010-11) Central Criminal Court
Group attack with weapons on another. Not guilty.

Football-related violence

R v Lauder-Hawkins (2011-12) Wood Green Crown Court
Conspiracy to commit GBH (Tottenham). Not guilty.

R v Wainwright (2011) Blackfriars Crown Court
Violent Disorder (Tottenham). Not guilty (legal argument).

R v Melton (2010) Blackfriars Crown Court
Violent Disorder (Arsenal). Suspended sentence.

Race and Religion-related violence

R v Yogananthan (2011) Kingston Crown Court
S.18 GBH Two claw hammer attacks on complainants. Not guilty on both counts.

R v Filo (2011) Cambridge Crown Court
Actual bodily harm (ABH). Neighbour dispute. Not guilty.

R v Madugba (2009-10) Bradford Crown Court
Led junior became sole counsel - Multiple GBHs and child cruelty. Mixed verdicts.

Assault on the Police

R v Locke (2011) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Actual bodily harm (ABH) - fractured a police constable's eye socket. Not guilty.


R v Procter & Others - reported (2011-12) Exeter Crown Court
Led Junior - Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Pending appeal March 2012.

R v Hilali (2011/12) Northampton Crown Court
Conspiracy to supply five kilograms of a Class A substance of 89% purity.

R v Obiora (2011) Inner London Crown Court
Possession with intent to supply five kilograms of Class A and B drugs. Not guilty on both counts.

R v Barnet (2011) Central Criminal Court
Supply of Class A drugs nine times to undercover police.

Community Order

R v Sanni (2011) Isleworth Crown Court
Possession with intent to supply 52 wraps of MDMA. Hung jury.

R v Massie & Others (2010) Ipswich Crown Court
Leading Counsel - Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Four-year least sentence.

R v Squires (2010) St Albans Crown Court
Possession with intent to supply more than 20 wraps of Class A drugs. Not guilty.

R v Nguyen (2009) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis (factory). Not guilty.

R v T (2008) Luton Crown Court
Conspiracy to supply five kilograms of Class B drugs. Not guilty.


R v T (2012) Woolwich Crown Court
Possession of firearms with intent to endanger life (Peckham Boys). Not guilty. More information is available via CrimeLine.

R v Ferreira (2012) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Operation Chalais. Conspiracy to supply firearms/prohibited weapons to undercover officers. Not guilty (legal argument).

R v Smith (2011) Central Criminal Court
Possession of loaded gun with intent to endanger life. Not guilty.

R v Mollabakis (2011) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Possession of loaded gun. Not guilty.

R v Adusei (2010-11) Kingston Crown Court
Armed robbery (deemed 'dangerous'). Five years.

Handling Stolen Goods

R v D (2013) Kingston Crown Court and Court of Appeal
Pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods - cash-in-transit proceeds. Sentence indication four and a half years, sentenced to three years nine months and varied, on appeal, to two years nine months (ABM Gang - Phipps Bridge). Pleaded guilty to substantive conspiracy to supply Class A drugs to test purchase officers. One of 14 was charged and sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment.

Sexual offences

R v M (2013) Woolwich Crown Court
Rape (marital buggery). Not Guilty.

R v R (2011) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Rape of a 16-year-old. Not guilty.

R v Y (2011) Wood Green Crown Court
Four counts of sexual assault on a 13/14-year-old. Not guilty of all four (legal argument).

R v TW (reported) (2010-11) Kingston Crown Court
Sexual assault on a four year old. Not guilty. This case influenced the way police should conduct achieving best evidence (ABE) interviews. Civil proceedings followed on from this case.

R v Morgan & eight others (2010-11) Central Criminal Court
Two counts of kidnap, two of false imprisonment, and one of blackmail. Seven-year least sentence.

R v A (2010) Inner London Crown Court
Two counts of rape of a 14 year old. Not guilty on both counts.

R v H (2009) Wood Green Crown Court
Six counts of sexual assault. Not guilty on all counts. Robbery. Kidnap. Blackmail. False imprisonment.


R v Christopher Gibbs (2014) Isleworth Crown Court
Two counts of robbery dropped to burglary; sentenced to 34 months. This case was reported in the Evening Standard.

R v Bradley Joyce (2011) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Armed robbery of jewellers in Barking. This case was reported in The Telegraph.

R v Boufas (2011) Central Criminal Court
Leading counsel: Multiple cash-in-transit robberies. Not guilty on all counts (legal argument). More information can be found via the Metropolitan Police.

R v Diarrosouba (2011) Kingston Crown Court
Robbery (cash-in-transit) and POCA. Hung jury.

R v Hashi, Arenu & Others - reported (2008) Inner London Crown Court
Robbery and aggravated burglaries. Not guilty on three counts.

Official Secrets Act

R v Daniel James (2007-8) Central Criminal Court
Jacqui is one of the very few specialised barristers who has prepared and undertaken a substantial leading spy case: "the Salsa Spy". This case was widely reported in the national press, including in The Telegraph and by the BBC.

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Mental Health Law

Jacqui particularly enjoys representing youths and clients with mental health issues, and has experience of mental health review cases.

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Prisoners’ Rights

Jacqui has considerable experience of conducting prison law cases including prison adjudications and Parole Review hearings.

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Criminal Appeals

R v Diarrassouba (2013) Court of Appeal Criminal Division
Handling (cash-in-transit, proceeds of crime).

R v Stephen Procter and others (2012) EWCA Crim 794
Led by John Aspinall QC in an appeal against sentence. Four offenders convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

R v Paul Massie (and others) (2010) EWCA Crim 631
Appeal against sentence. Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

R v Beg (2009) Court of Appeal Criminal Division
Led by Michael Mansfied QC in an appeal against conviction and sentence.

R v Rebecca Thomas (2008) EWCA Crim 1594
Appeal against sentence - drug importation. Legal issue guidance given upon disparity and the effect of Newton Hearings upon credit.

R v D (O) aged 18, B (O) aged 17, Y (O) aged 17, S (O) aged 17 (2006) EWCA Crim 2600
Appeal against conviction, appeal against sentence, leave to appeal, grievous bodily harm (GBH) (with intent) legal issue, character of non-defendant and guidance given by Court of Appeal as to how this is to be approached by the courts.

R v Kory Cowell (2006) EWCA Crim 2531
Attorney General's reference Court of Appeal Criminal Division, possession of firearms. Legal issue of mandatory sentences and exceptional circumstances.

R v Stephen Britton (2006) EWCA Crim 2875
Ram-raiding offences, with defendants aged 18 to19. Legal issue of youth sentencing, clear guidance given by Court of Appeal on what occurs when a young accused has a significant birthday e.g. 18 years old. Case adopted by Cherie Blair (cf commentary Archbold 2006 & 2007).

R v Flynn (2006) EWCA Crim 24
Appeal against sentence, burglary.

R v Callan (2003) EWCA Crim 188
Appeal against sentence, robbery.

R v David (2002) EWCA Crim 768
Appeal against sentence, violent disorder.

Murder and Violent Disorder

R v Y and others, (Dec 2013) Harrow Crown Court
Successful application to dismiss on a violent disorder.

R v Anderson (2013) Central Criminal Court
Sentenced to 20 months.

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Financial Crime and Confiscation

Fraud - Breach of trust

R v R (2013) Isleworth Crown Court
Trial, then pleaded guilty to multi-million pound fraud of auction houses and elite cars. Six-year sentence. This case was covered in the Daily Mail.

R v Ajufo (2011) Guildford Crown Court
£200,000 fraud. Community order.

R v Rice - reported (2011) Inner London Crown Court
£1.5 million fraud. 18 months' sentence.

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Notable Cases & News

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"Shivkuri & Bilinski Revisited" Crimeline (February 2008)
"Contamination! Forensics and contamination dispel the myths" Counsel Co-author (December 2006)

Training and Seminars

Legal Snapshot seminars - a series of seminars on Expert Evidence (Autumn 2007)

Lecture at Tuckers Solicitors "Mandatory sentences and exceptional circumstances for firearms offences" (July 2006)


  • Sociology of Crime (Birkbeck College, Lon Univ)
  • BVC (ICSL, Lon)
  • CPE (The College of Law, Lon)
  • BA Hons Hispanic Studies & Politics (Queen Mary University of London)

Professional Membership

  • Criminal Bar Association (CBA)
  • British and Spanish Lawyers Association (BSLA)
  • Notaria (Commissioner for oaths) The Spanish Consulate General in London


  • Spanish

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