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Malek Wan Daud

  • Call: 1991
"Malek is a charmer. It's a real skill to have, to be able to charm witnesses and judges alike as he does."

Chambers UK, 2019

"He is just brilliant - one of the best negotiators around. He keeps to the issues and he nails it forensically."

Chambers UK

Junior Barrister SHORT 2015


Malek specialises in the law relating to children, in particular representing all parties in public law proceedings including, care, supervision, secure accommodation and adoption. He has been instructed by the Official Solicitor on numerous occasions and also by NYAS. He has also represented r16.4 Guardians in private law cases. A large proportion of his work is in the High Court.

In July 2015 Malek was shortlisted for Junior Barrister of the Year at the Family Law Awards 2015.

Malek regularly represents parties in cases involving serious non-accidental injuries, sex abuse, physical abuse as well as neglect. He has a particular interest in representing families (parents and children) that are over represented in the care system such as ethnic minority families, travelling families, those with disabilities and those with uncertain immigration status. Over the years, Malek has developed a practice of representing children who have separated from their Children’s Guardians and other very troubled young people, including teenage mums. His skills lay in very thorough preparation and a forensic analytical approach to complex facts, evidence and the relevant law. This enables him to carefully weigh the need for experts in cases and to identify need of particular expertise required for both fact finding and the welfare planning for children’s long-term future.

Malek prides himself in managing the very fine balance between empathising with vulnerable and needy clients and maintaining a professional distance, therefore enabling him to be dispassionate and thorough without the tragic circumstances of the case clouding the issues. He is approachable and friendly and is able to put very nervous and frightened clients at their ease. This, however, does not compromise his ability to give realistic and often very harsh but robust and practical legal advice. It is imperative in his view to remember the humanity of the individuals involved in cases that come before the Courts without losing sight of the need to cross examine and forensically test the evidence.

Malek is eligible to take work on a Public Access basis.

What others say

Malek is ranked for family law in Chambers UK 2019, where it said that “Malek is a charmer. It’s a real skill to have, to be able to charm witnesses and judges alike as he does.”

In previous years:

“He’s very empathetic towards clients and will see through the heart of a matter without getting bogged down in extraneous detail. When he’s acting for children he is able to direct the court and the judge back to the issues that matter.”
Chambers UK 2018

“He’s just brilliant – one of the best negotiators around. He keeps to the issues and he nails it forensically.”
Chambers UK 2017

“He knows his stuff and he’s on top of his brief. He is tenacious and puts his client’s case across well.” “A very good advocate who is able to cut straight through the nonsense of a case.”
Chambers UK 2016

“He’s very enthusiastic about his work and has a delightful personality.” He is “particularly noted for his handling of public law care cases that contain allegations of serious physical and sexual abuse, international abduction and child abandonment.”
Chambers UK 2015

Malek is said to have a “… charming but devastatingly effective style of cross examination.”

It has also been noted that “Clients like him – he is very approachable and always manages to speak to people at a level they understand.”
Chambers UK 2014


Malek has provided training to professionals involved in child care litigation including solicitors, social workers and Guardians.

Other activities

Malek was appointed to the Family Justice Council (FJC) in 2011. He is committed to the work of the FJC namely to promote an inter-disciplinary approach to family justice and to monitor the system.

He is on the MOJ Working Group on Muslim Marriage.