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Divorce and Family Finances

Garden Court’s dedicated family finance team can assist you with robust advocacy in court, first-class legal advice and unwavering support.

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Our divorce law and family finance barristers have extensive experience dealing with complex financial matters and the ongoing welfare of children on behalf of married couples, civil partners and cohabitees. 

We are one of only a handful of barristers’ chambers recognised as leading experts in family law in the prestigious rankings of the Chambers & Partners UK Bar Guide. 

Once you speak with our helpful Public Access team, your details will be passed to our Public Access barristers. One of the options we offer clients is a free 15 minute telephone consultation with the barrister of your choice. This allows you and the barrister to learn more about the situation and services required, free of charge.

Areas of expertise

  • Financial consequences of divorce
  • Cohabitation disputes
  • Finances relating to children under Schedule 1 and child maintenance
  • Vulnerable clients including stranded spouses and financial abuse
  • Jurisdictional disputes
  • International cases and offshore assets
  • Enforcement of domestic and international orders

Family financial disputes can be complex, emotive and hard to deal with. Without expert legal advice from the outset, it can be easy to waste time, money and stress on working towards a fair settlement. Our top-ranked barristers can be instructed directly by you, to fight your corner with skill and tenacity.


Sadly, family problems continue during this difficult time. Many are finding the current restrictions difficult which is giving rise to additional stress and anxiety.

Some may need a non-molestation or occupation order to protect them from an immediate risk of harm arising from someone in their household,  others may have problems with contact with their children, some will need financial help or emergency maintenance or general advice on a wide range of family law issues. 

The courts continue to operate, although the vast majority of cases will take place by remote means including video-hearing and telephone links.

Emergency, and other applications are still being accepted and processed and whilst it is not “business as usual” the courts are open.

We continue to offer the same service as before with the only change being that all appointments are now by video or telephone and papers will need to be submitted electronically.

If you need help in an emergency or general legal advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.


When a marriage breaks down, dealing with financial matters can be extremely challenging. Emotions run high and your ex-partner might make demands that threaten your financial wellbeing in future. Your rights to assets and property may only be proven with expert legal advice and representation.

Our family law barristers will guide you through the process of divorce, help you identify which Court has jurisdiction, what the likely timescales are, and the process itself. 

We have experience working with people with substantial assets in investments, shares, trusts and private companies, but fight equally hard for your rights if your resources are stretched or limited. We are highly committed to representing the most vulnerable in society. 

We support mediation and actively encourage settlement without the need for drawn-out and expensive court proceedings. 


financial disputes and settlements

If you have a financial dispute with an ex-partner or a family member has died and you need to reach a settlement, our barristers are here to help. We have a strong record of success in resolving financial disputes, across the full range of circumstances. 

As the largest set of barristers in London our team has unrivalled crossover expertise with other areas of law. We can provide experts in cases with an international element such as a foreign marriage or divorce, or a family member or assets abroad. We are often instructed in cases where there are issues before the court involving immigration, housing, benefits, mortgage fraud, undue influence and insolvency.


schedule 1 and child maintenance

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce or separation is uncertainty over fair and adequate financial provision for your children. When you need the highest level advocacy in court to ensure the best outcome, Garden Court can help. We can also represent you in child maintenance cases where children live abroad or where the application is for a school fees order or a top-up order.

Several of our barristers have experience of the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal, giving the team a rare specialism in this field of child support law. Our expertise across diverse areas of law means that we can offer you a first-class integrated service in disputes over finance and those regarding welfare arrangements for your children.


cohabiting and unmarried couples

More couples are choosing to live together without marrying. And when you separate as an unmarried couple, there are very different legal implications when it comes to unravelling your financial contributions and rights to property. Our barristers will use their in-depth knowledge in this rapidly evolving area of law to fight for your rights.

Capital assets such as the family home are not divided as they might be on divorce. If this is in one person’s name, it is treated as their property and not an asset to be shared. However, certain legal arguments may be employed to argue for a share of such property based on, for example, investment in the property or promises made by the other partner. Similar arguments can also be used to argue for each partner’s share in property that is jointly owned.

If you have children and separate from a cohabiting or unmarried partner, your legal rights for financial support are very different to those of divorcing parents. Whether you are the child’s primary carer or not, you will need to reach a fair settlement for their welfare and ongoing financial provision. 

Several of our barristers are experienced in appearing in the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal, giving our team a rare specialism in the field of child support law. We will fight all the way for a just outcome for your children, whether your relationship with the other parent was one of marriage or cohabitation.


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