Under what circumstances can children lawfully be detained by the police? Shu Shin Luh explains.

Thursday 30 January 2014

Shu Shin Luh, in an interview with LexisNexis, explores the legislative requirements and case law regarding the detention of children by the police.

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In this interview with LexisNexis, Shu Shin discusses the obligations that the police are under when dealing with the detention of children, whether there are circumstances under which the police can justifiably detain a child overnight and the legal obligation on the local authority where a police force requires a child to be placed in the care of the local authority overnight. She also discusses whether children could seek redress if they are improperly detained and explores how the courts have approached the detention of minors in recent cases.

Shu Shin Luh is a member of the Public and Administrative Law Team.

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