The case of Eric Smith

Thursday 22 June 2006

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West Yorkshire Police have paid the widow of Eric Smith, 53 and father of seven, £18,000 compensation.

Eric Smith died on 2 November 1998, three days after being sprayed in the face with CS spray his own home. Police officers had attended to arrest his son and got into an argument with him.

It was pleaded that he was wrongfully arrested, assaulted with excessive use of force and maliciously prosecuted. He died three days after being released from a heart attack.

Leslie Thomas represented the widow in the police action in front of Cockcroft His Honour Judge this week and won the case after the police threw their hand in when the main officer was cross examined.

It was reported today (Friday 23rd June) in both the Metro and The Times.

Leslie Thomas represented the family at the inquest in January 2003 where the jury returned an open verdict.

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