2014 06 Education

Tuesday 1 July 2014

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No case law update.

A whole host of new statutory guidance has been issud by the Department for Education. The following are some relevant guidance:

  • Admissions in free school: click here.
  • Admissions for summer-born children: click here.
  • Admissions for previously looked-after (adopted) children: click here.
  • School Governors' Handbook 2014 outlining governors' roles and duties: click here.
  • Guidance on consittutino of school governing bodies: click here.

There has also been guidance issued relating to school funding which is available from the DfE site and has not been listed comprehensively here.

There is an ongoing consultation on proposed new home-school transport guidance. Deadline for response is 3 June 2013. Click here for the draft guidance.

The 2nd consultation to the Draft SEN Code of Guidance was concluded on 6 May 2014. Click here for the government's consultation paper.

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