Rajiv Menon QC and Rebecca Hill successfully appeal extradition order in double jeopardy case

Wednesday 4 April 2012

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Rajiv Menon QC and Rebecca Hill yesterday successfully challenged a District Judge's decision to extradite an individual in relation to war crimes allegedly committed during the Balkan War. The requested person had been convicted in absence in 2009 having previously been tried in absence on substantially the same facts in 1994. Although the original conviction and sentence had been suspended by virtue of an amnesty in 1998 the Divisional Court concluded that a double jeopardy bar to extradition was made out. The Appellant was discharged.

Rajiv Menon QC and Rebecca Hill are both members of the Garden Court Extradition Team.

Rajiv Menon QC

Rebecca Hill

Rajiv Menon QC (top) and Rebeca Hill (above)

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