Mark Robinson secures acquittal for defendant in Kingston Crown Court

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Mark Robinson secured the acquittal of the defendant, instructed by Natasha Anderson of Anderson Solicitors.

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The defendant was charged with multiple counts of rape, assault and witness intimidation in Kingston Crown Court. The defendant’s ex-partner made several allegations of rape and assault over the course of two years, and after each allegation, immediately made a withdrawal statement, and continued with a consensual sexual relationship with the defendant.

There was evidence that was adduced that suggested that at least one of the allegations was fabricated so that the complainant could obtain local authority housing. Mark also discovered a recording in the unused schedule of material, where the complainant demanded money from the defendant’s mother to withdraw her support from the prosecution case.

This led to the prosecution offering no evidence on the count of witness intimidation on day two of the trial and the case finally collapsed on day five of the trial after the complainant, who had initially attended court to watch her video recorded interviews, refused to attend court for cross-examination. The prosecution did not seek a witness summons and offered no evidence.

Mark regularly accepts instructions for the most serious sexual offences including cases involving vulnerable witnesses that involve the section 28 procedure.

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