Leslie Thomas: The lawyer who speaks for the voiceless

Thursday 25 April 2013

This week's issue of The Voice features an extended article about Garden Court human rights barrister Leslie Thomas.

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Published under the headline "The lawyer who speaks for the voiceless", the article charts Leslie's working life from getting into law school to working on some of the seminal cases that have defined not just his career but also the advancement of justice in the UK. His current cases include the inquests into the deaths of Mark Duggan, whose death in 2011 sparked widespread rioting in London, and reggae musician Smiley Culture.

The Voice quotes another lawyer as saying "Leslie has done more for the families of those who die in custody or at the hands of the police than any other single lawyer."

If you have five minutes spare, the article makes fascinating reading, not least for those considering a legal career, or for anybody who think that only members of the "establishment" can succeed at the Bar.

Leslie Thomas specialises in inquest law and in bringing claims against the police and other public authorities.

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