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Issue 4 - 6 February 2006

Monday 6 February 2006

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Government & Parliament


On 2 February 2006 the ODPM issued new guidance in relation to gypsies and other travellers. It includes:-

* Planning Circular 01/2006: Planning for Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Sites, replacing Circular 01/1994: Gypsy Sites and Planning. Click here for more information.

* Draft practice guidance for local authorities: Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments, Click here for more information.

* New guidance on enforcement of unauthorised encampments, Guide to Effective Use of Enforcement Powers - Part 1: Unauthorised Encampments, Click here for more information.

Latest court cases

Court of Appeal:

R v Stevens, 2 February 2006, [2006] All ER (D) 23 (Feb). D found drunk in public and incontinent in breach of ASBO prohibiting him from being drunk or urinating or defecating in a public place. Statutory maximum sentence for the offences alone was a fine. Sentence of 9 months immediate imprisonment for the breach ASBO upheld on appeal.


HB/CTB A1/2006: this circular corrects a mistake in the uprating circular (A24/2005) and deals with data collection arrangements for local authorities: Click here for more information.

HT/CTB A2/2006: gives further information about suspension and termination of claims and dates of claim: Click here for more information.

Recent articles

Recent developments in Housing Law [2006] February Legal Action 28

Rights & Advice [2006] Winter issue Travellers Times 10: Click here for more information.

Decent home for all? [2006] Vol.156 New Law Journal No.7210 pp186-187

Free housing law seminars

29 March 2006Gypsy Law Update

26 April 2006 Tolerated Trespassers and Restoring Tenancies

24 May 2006 Housing Allocations

Click here for more information.

Other dates for the housing lawyer's diary

28 February 2006: Public Sector Housing Law Conference. Click here for more information.

15 March 2006: Human Rights & Housing. HLPA meeting London: Click here for more information.

24 March 2006: Social Housing Law & Practice Conference. Click here for more

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