Issue 3 - 30 January 2006

Monday 30 January 2006

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Government & Parliament

The Government's Police & Justice Bill [Bill 119] was published on 25 January 2006. Part 3 contains a complete replacement for HA 1996 s153A (anti social behaviour injunctions) and provisions allowing social landlords to apply for parenting orders in possession claims and other county court proceedings. For more information Click Here

On 19 January 2006 in a Commons debate on Anti Social Behaviour the minister reported that there have been 6,500 ASBOs made, 13,000 acceptable behaviour contracts, 800 dispersal orders and 500 crack house closures to date:
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On 27 January 2006 the Government announced substantial additional financial support for Disabled Facilities Grants:
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Looming Deadlines (one day left)

Tenancy Deposit Protection: Consultation on Secondary Legislation:
Consultation period expires on 1 February 2006.
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Enabling local authorities to contract their Anti-Social Behaviour Order functions to organisations managing their housing stock: Consultation period expires on 1 February 2006. For more information Click Here


Court Cases

Court of Appeal

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Southwark London Borough Council v O'Sullivan. 27 January 2006 [2006] All ER (D) 204 (Jan). Sole secure tenant. Relationship breakdown. Notice to Quit. Partner claims right to a new tenancy under contractual term in the tenancy agreement. Issues as to whether contractual term enforceable by third party and whether qualifying conditions for its operation met. Remitted for re-trial.


Ombudsman Reports

Complaint against Newcastle CC 26 January 2006. Ref: 04/C/12950. Secure tenant made right to buy claim. Offer made but not pursued by tenant for 18 months. Council fail to serve notice to complete. Second RTB claim made. Maladministration in selling at new higher valuation. Council agreed to repay difference between first and second valuation. Click Here for a summary of the report.


Recent Articles

Heart of the defence [2006] Inside Housing 27 January - profile of Jan Luba QC.
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Free Housing Law Seminars

29 March 2006 Gypsy Law Update

26 April 2006 Tolerated Trespassers and Restoring Tenancies

24 May 2006 Housing Allocations

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Other Dates for the Housing Lawyer's Diary

28 February 2006: Public Sector Housing Law Conference.
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15 March 2006: Human Rights & Housing. HLPA meeting London:
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24 March 2006: Social Housing Law & Practice Conference.
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