Mr. Halawa was arrested as a 17-year-old child on 17 August 2014, after attending a peaceful protest in Cairo. He was charged, along with 493 other defendants for a range of serious offences including murder, a crime which carries the death penalty in Egypt.

The verdict in his case comes after more than 30 adjournments and delays, in circumstances where the Egyptian Government failed to produce any evidence to support the allegations against him.

Gráinne advised on international and regional human rights mechanisms in this case. She provided a legal opinion to the Irish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee outlining the violations of international law in Ibrahim’s case, media coverage of which can be found in the Irish Independent.

Information detailing Ibrahim's case and his recent release can be found on the Reprieve website and in the press, including the BBC and Amnesty International.

Gráinne Mellon is a member of the Garden Court Chambers international advice and litigation team. She lectures in International Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics and is an executive member of the Bar Human Rights Committee.