Henry Blaxland QC - possible reopening of Essex Boys murder case

Tuesday 11 September 2007

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The 2006 appeal turned on new evidence that, unknown to the defence at the time of trial, the main prosecution witness Darren Nicholls had done a deals to sell his story to a journalist and a TV producer, with the prospect of a feature film.

'For many years Jack Whomes has continued to protest his innocence of involvement in the Rettendon Range Rover murders. Following the dismissal of his appeal in February 2006 the CCRC have now allocated a new case-worker following representations that the original police investigation commissioned by the CCRC failed to uncover significant evidence. In dismissing the appeal the Court of Appeal made the point that it had limited its consideration to evidence called before it. There was further potential police evidence concerning contact between Darren Nicholls and the journalist which was not before the court. The CCRC will now consider whether to commission a new police investigation.' Henry Blaxland QC, is counsel for Whomes.

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