Henry Blaxland QC and Hossein Zahir act for Julian Assange sureties

Friday 7 September 2012

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Henry Blaxland QC and Hossein Zahir appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday, acting for four of those who stood for surety for Julian Assange. The four are at risk of losing their money because, rather than surrender to police for the purpose of being extradited to Sweden, Mr Assange has been granted diplomatic asylum in the Ecuador embassy.

Addressing the court, Henry emphasised that there was "no evidence that any of the sureties are to blame for Mr Assange's failure to surrender" adding that the event could not have been predicted by Mr Assange's financial backers.

"It was an extraordinary thing to do. Nobody could reasonably have foreseen that's what he would do." Asking for the hearing to be postponed indefinitely, he went on to say "Given the drama at the Ecuadorean embassy has not yet reached the final act, perhaps one should wait to see what does happen".

District Judge Riddle refused an indefinite adjournment but allowed a further three weeks for the sureties to prepare their case to fight for their money.

The case has received considerable media coverage both in the UK and internationally, including in The Guardian, The Telegraph, the Daily Mail and in Australia's The Age.

Henry Blaxland QC and Hossein Zahir are both members of the Garden Court Crime Team.

Henry Blaxland QC

Hossein Zahir
Henry Blaxland QC (top) and Hossein Zahir (above)

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