Garden Court Chambers is delighted to announce the publication of “Advising Mentally Disordered Offenders”

Tuesday 19 January 2010

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Garden Court Chambers is delighted to announce the publication of "Advising Mentally Disordered Offenders, A Practical Guide" (2nd edition).

Most criminal practitioners will encounter clients with mental health difficulties and it is important that duty solicitors and criminal lawyers are able to recognise the signs and understand the correct processes and procedures in dealing with the mentally disordered offender.

This new edition has been fully updated to include all the changes in the criminal legislation along with those changes introduced by the Mental Health Act 2007, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and their Codes of Practice. The book is a guide for all practitioners representing MDOs at all stages of the criminal justice system. It gives essential guidance on:

- the medical and legal definitions of mental disorder
- procedures in the police station from interview through to charge
- representation in the magistrates' court including assessments, bail, summary trials and sentencing
- Proceedings in the Crown Court such as fitness to plead, diminished responsibility, insanity, preliminary hearings and disposals.

Comprehensive, yet concise, Advising Mentally Disordered Offenders contains all the pertinent information on the subject, including extracts, checklists and useful contacts, making it required reading for anyone advising mentally disordered offenders.

Contents include:
1. Medical and legal definitions;
2. Procedures in the police station;
3. Advice and assistance prior to interview;
4. Police interview;
5. First appearance in the magistrates' court;
6. Instructing the expert;
7. Summary trial;
8. Breaches of the PACE Code of Practice and other trial issues;
9. Pre-trial issues in the Crown Court;
10. Crown Court defences;
11. Sentencing;

About the Authors:
Carolyn Taylor is a Partner at TV Edwards. Julia Krish is a Barrister at Garden Court Chambers and a President of the Mental Health Tribunal. Dr Frank Farnham is a forensic psychiatrist.

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