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Email Scam involving 'Barry Hugill', 'Daniel T Owen' and 'Family Law Chambers'.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

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The text of these emails and faxes provide details of a fraudulent contract of employment and seek to and invite unwary individuals into a deception which would involve them in personal financial loss.

If you are the recipient of such an email please note we are fully aware of this email scam and wish to advise you that we have reported this matter to the Economic Crimes Unit at Scotland Yard and the Bar Council, the regulatory body for barristers in England and Wales.

If you have a specific concern please contact scamemails@gclaw.co.uk and you will receive a reply. Please do not contact Chambers directly as we are unable to respond to phone, fax or letters.

For more detailed information on this type of scam see the section entitled "Fraud Alert - 419 Fraud" at http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/419.htm which is the Scotland Yard page providing advice on how to deal with scam emails. Under no circumstances should you reply to a bogus email of this kind.

Sample Text of Scam Email:




Please do not reply under any circumstances to communications bearing these headings.

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