David Watkinson poem - "The Masque of Anarchy" or "The Coalition of Chaos"

Tuesday 18 July 2017

At Garden Court’s housing and community care summer party on Friday 7 July, David Watkinson read his poem, loosely based on Percy Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy and Ode to the West Wind, with topical, political references.   David is a former Head of Garden Court Chambers. By popular demand, David has kindly allowed us to post it.  Garden Court is proud of David’s many talents.

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"The Masque of Anarchy " or "The Coalition of Chaos"

As I did wander in the land of poetry

I heard a voice calling unto all and me

O, my people vote for me

And we shall have strength and stability.

Then met I False Pride or Hubris on the way

She wore a mask like Theresa May

Full sure of power and sovereigntee

But such for her was not to be.

Now, instead, ten bloodhounds follow she

All are fat, as well they might be

For they are members of the D.U.P.

Full fed upon the fruit of the magic money-tree.

O, can we ever from such dark pact

Expect such progress as the Homelessness Reduction Act

And will many more Destructions yet be played

By this ghastly masquerade

And will Brexit cast us deeper into shade?

(change of tone)

But let us laugh and make our mirth

At these shadows of the earth

And by the incantation of this verse

Herald the triumph of a prophecy!

O Friends, though Winter comes

Can Spring (1) be far behind.

(1) Or Corbyn may be substituted for or added to "Spring"


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