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Sunday 13 May 2007

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Delia Venables gives her verdict on the Legal Resources on our website

"Garden Court Chambers have created a bank of specialist legal resources relevant to their practice areas (take "Resources" and then "legal Resources"). They have set up five major headings: Civil Legal Resources, Crime Legal Resources, Family Legal Resources, Housing Legal Resources and Immigration Legal Resources. Within each of these, they have set up around a dozen sub topics, for example, under Immigration Legal Resources, there are sections for Appeals & Judicial Review, Asylum & Refugee Law, Asylum Support (Community Care and Welfare Benefits), Deportation & Expulsion, and so on.

They have then housed all of the resources (cases, relevant legislation and useful links) together under these headings. The site makes extensive use of the new Statute Law database, thus providing links to up-to-date versions of the legislation. The key reported cases cited in each section involving Garden Court Chambers make extensive use of BAILII. There are also links to the key official, government and European bodies relevant to each section as well as to Chambers' current awareness bulletins on Employment Law, Housing Law and Immigration Law and other internal reports and materials. " Delia Venables 27th April 2007

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About our Legal Resources

The Legal Resources on our site have been put together primarily to create a consolidated resource of case-law, legislation and links directly reflecting the areas of law practised by Garden Court Chambers. By combining the expertise and resources in-house and the legal databases already freely available on the internet (such as Bailii and DCA Statute Law database) it has been possible to produce a collections of up-to-date and targeted legal information under each legal topic.

Each of the 5 main legal headings (Civil, Crime, Family, Housing and Immigration) open to reveal a list of a dozen or so relevant specialist topics. Within each of these, the user will have access to the full-text of up-to-date case-law, statutes, news and links to further resources.

We have tried to create Resource page that stands out from others:-

  • firstly by housing all of the resources (our cases, relevant legislation and useful links) together under topic headings. So under the legal topics, you can scroll through a whole range of legal information - our cases, relevant legislation and other useful sites.
  • another way we have tried to differentiate it is by utilising the new Statute Law database so providing links to up-to-date versions of the legislation.
  • by making our reported cases available as part of the resource
  • also including current awareness information by including our in-house bulletins - eg. Employment Law Bulletin and Housing Law Bulletin and Immigration Law Bulletin in the General sections of these topics.
  • also making available links to in-house reports and book reviews where relevant within each topic.


Bridget Tough
The legal Resources on our website have been put together by Bridget Tough our Chambers Librarian, we would like to thank her for all her hard work. If you have any questions or information about our legal resources please call bridget on 020 7993 7663 or email bridgett@gclaw.co.uk


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