A Golden Light Still Shines

Wednesday 28 February 2018

Our dear friend and colleague, Vikki Kerly, was diagnosed with cancer in June of last year. Sadly, she passed away on Monday 19th February.   This is a poetic tribute to her by Sean Horstead.

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Quite stilled, now, is a rare true life
Quite stayed a low, low tide,
Thieving Time has robbed our hearts
Taking cancer's vicious bribe.
But Vikki holds us just the same
In her Golden shimmer-shine,
Her passing magnifies that cruellest mark:
A scar of too little time.

We should hold our tears, we own no loss -
Her spirit flies now uncaged,
Picture still those eyes, that smile:
Her flight’s no more delayed.
Vikki Kerly lived a life in light,
Though she knew the darkness too,
She fought for justice at Garden Court
Setting the standards for old and new.

Any time with her would lift the heart
With wine and shot and laughter,
With the incendiary joy of a fire-tipped soul
And a passion that forever names her;
We cannot know what difference we've made
Until our passing marks us:
And though we no longer hold our breath for her,
We will cherish her friendship forever.
Time may pass and lives will change
But her Golden Light keeps dancing.

In the azure blue of Vikki's eyes
You caught her soul’s reflection:
A gaze you've seen in her season's all
Some hard, some sweet, some cruel;
But through them all you see her truth,
So deep and kind and true:
And you will see that beauty still
And you will see no tears,
And you will see the light of love
And you’ll know there’s no more fear.

This magnificent woman we knew and loved
Was not bound by fools and hateful faith:
She was not bound by what she feared
And most certainly not by death.
This woman knew no bounds beyond
Her courage and love and truth:
Plain speaking that truth to ugly power,
With her wigs on - or off.

A Golden Light did shine amongst us
With a clearest blue remembered
In every glance, in every dance
Those azure eyes remind us:
Be not the cynic, be not the fool
But remember her, our Sister,
And fight in court then dance all night
And hold close the joy she gave us.

Vikki remains our Golden Light,
Cascading eyes of blue,
Close your eyes and you’ll see her now
Just as she sees you;
Time cannot begin to own her,
She slipped his callous tricks
Of clocks and watches, poxy Crown Court lists,
An existence measured in ticks.
Death can no more extinguish her light
Than loss can silence her sound;
So as sun kisses yard-arm recall that laugh,
And buy another bloody round!

Vikki burned translucent bright
And passed as she arrived:
She shone and shone and scattered shadows,
She danced and laughed and cried;
Forever more she will be with us
A moon to our every tide,
Forever more she holds tight our hearts,
Forever more,


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