Louise Hooper co-authors report 'Drone incidents and misuse: Legal Considerations'

Friday 22 December 2023

Our Louise Hooper has co-authored the report 'Drone incidents and misuse: Legal Considerations' alongside Dr Anna Jackman of the University of Reading.

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The report draws on focus groups with lawyers from diverse specialisms, and explores the legal dimensions of drone incidents and misuse. 

The report is relevant for both lawyers working on drone cases and drone decision-makers (e.g., regulators, legislators and policy-makers). 

The report:

  •  Identifies key themes (including: Actor, Intention, Nature of Criminality, Civil liability, Legal context, Nature of threat/ consequence, Regulatory context)
  • Examines a range of case studies of reported drone incidents (exploring challenges around attribution, evidence, the potential of drones to enable the perpetration of existing crimes and/or enact novel criminal activity)
  • Considers the potential legal dimensions accompanying both emerging capabilities and proposed models of future airspace
  • Provides considerations for lawyers working on drone-related cases; and offer a series of recommendations. 

Read the full report here.

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