Hugh Mullan

Year of Call: 2019, Solicitor: 1999


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Hugh is a senior junior with experience in all types of serious criminal defence work. He was a solicitor advocate for over 20 years and a partner at an East London criminal law firm. He has led in numerous cases, including murders and terrorism trials.  

Criminal Defence


Hugh is an experienced senior junior. He trained as a solicitor and was one of the first to obtain Higher Rights in 1999.

He has practised solely as a Higher Courts Advocate for over 20 years. He has led in numerous cases, including murder and terrorism trials. He has also frequently juniored in such cases.

He has experience in all areas of serious criminal defence work, including fraud, sexual offences, drugs supply offences, firearms offences, and appeals.

He is an excellent jury advocate who is able to get the best from his lay clients, and to think creatively when confronted by evidentially difficult cases.

Notable Cases

Terrorism cases

R v Salahuddin Amin & Others (2007) – Fertiliser Bomb Conspiracy trial and appeal. Junior.

R v Kader Ahmed & ORS (2007) – Woolwich CC. Terrorist Training trial. Leading Junior.

R v Imad Shoubaki (2008) – Southwark CC. Possession of Terrorist Articles. Junior alone. Acquitted.

R v Mohammed Asha & ORS (2008) – Conspiracy to Cause Explosions. Haymarket and Glasgow Airport car bombs. Woolwich CC. Junior. Acquitted.

R v Qasim Abukar (2009) – Croydon CC – Preparing for Acts of Terrorism. Leading Junior. Acquitted in absence, despite defendant absconding mid-trial.

R v Zahid Iqbal & ORS (2013)  – CCC - Preparing for Acts of Terrorism – Junior.


R v Sukys (2008) – CCC. Leading junior. Crown accepted plea to manslaughter shortly before trial.

R v Agathine & ORS (2016) – CCC. Leading junior. D. acquitted of murder.

Fraud cases

R v Sadler & ORS (2010) – Southwark CC. Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy. Junior alone. Imprisonment avoided on an agreed basis of plea.

R v Di Pamparato & ORS (2013) – Southwark CC. Conspiracy to Defraud. Junior alone. Imprisonment avoided on an agreed basis of plea.

R v Obayda & OR (2017) – Southwark CC – World Bank large-scale bribery/corruption allegations. Junior alone. D. acquitted.

R v Sandhu & ORS (2018) – Croydon CC – Fraud/Money laundering. Junior alone. D. acquitted.

R v Patel & ORS (2018) –  Lewes CC - Fraud/Money laundering. Junior alone. D. acquitted.

Historic Sex cases & Sexual Offences

R v J (2014) – Croydon CC - Allegations of sexual assault on siblings. D. acquitted on all such counts on which he was tried.

R v B (2015) – Reading CC - 29 counts of Rape, Incest & Indecent Assault. Junior alone. D. acquitted on all counts on which he was tried.

R v S (2017) – Wood Green CC – Rape allegations. D. acquitted on all counts.

R v M (2018) – Sexual offences. Wood Green CC. D. acquitted on all counts.

Drug Supply Offences

R v Stamatis (2018) – Southwark CC  – Supplying class ‘A’ drugs – D. acquitted.

R v Sadrija (2019) – Canterbury CC - Conspiracy to supply Class ‘A’ drugs. D. acquitted.

Firearms Offences

R v Joseph & ORS (2016) – Wood Green CC. Junior alone. D. acquitted of Possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

R v Malcolm & ORS (2018) – Inner London CC. Junior alone. D. acquitted of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear.

Conspiracy to Rob

R v Salmon (2019) – Blackfriars CC – Conspiracy to Rob – moped-enabled armed robberies of luxury goods shops. Junior alone. D. acquitted.

General Serious Crime as Leading Junior

Conspiracy to Defraud – R v Borrisova (2005) – Southwark CC.

Conspiracy to Rob  - R v Robinson & ORS (2005) - Harrow CC. D. acquitted.

Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice - R v Kennedy & ORS (2009) - Snaresbrook CC. Imprisonment avoided on agreed basis of plea.

Violent Disorder – R v Short & ORS (2009) – Snaresbrook CC. D. acquitted.

People Trafficking Conspiracy - R v Sakhizada (2009) – Kingston CC.

Prostitution Trafficking Conspiracy - R v Mohacsi (2013) – Lewes CC.

Miscellaneous Crime

Child Cruelty – R v G & OR (2016) – Inner London CC. D acquitted.

Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – R v Bassett (2018) - Woolwich CC. D. acquitted.

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After graduating in the 1980s, Hugh worked for ‘The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ and then for ‘War on Want’ as a fundraiser.

He converted to law in the early 1990s, and trained as a solicitor with BM Birnberg and Co., where he practised in criminal law. He gained experience in general criminal defence work, which included Irish terrorism cases and Animal Rights cases. He became a solicitor at an East London criminal law firm in 1996 where he worked until 2019. He was a partner at the firm and head of its advocacy department.

He obtained Higher Rights in 1999 and worked exclusively as a Higher Rights Advocate for over 20 years. He was called to the bar in 2019. 


  • BA English, King’s College, Cambridge University (1985)
  • Common Professional Examination. The College of Law (1992)
  • Law Society Finals. The College of Law (1993)

Professional Membership

  • Member of Middle Temple

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