Criminal Defence

"Impressed solicitors note that the individuals at the set represent an amazing level of excellence."

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"Members have considerable experience of defending murder, terrorism and sexual offences cases, as well as other serious criminal matters."

Chambers UK Bar Guide

“The clerks are easy to get on with, reliable, extremely well organised and quick to respond to calls and e-mails. They work to a very high and professional standard."

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Top Ranked in Chambers UK Bar 2019
Legal 500 Top Tier Set 2019
Winner Legal 500 Crime Set of the Year 2015
Shortlisted Legal 500 Crime Set of the Year 2018

Our criminal defence barristers have defended in – and won – many of the landmark cases that have defined modern criminal law.

The Garden Court Chambers Crime team regularly defend individuals charged with the most serious offences. We have a strong presence at the Central Criminal Court, where our barristers are instructed on a daily basis.

Areas of Expertise

  • Murder and violent crime
  • Sexual offences
  • Terrorism
  • Protest and public order
  • Baby-shaking
  • High-value frauds and confiscation
  • Criminal appeals

In 2015 our crime team won the Legal 500 Crime Set of the Year Award and we have since been shortlisted for the award a further two times. We are proud to have 18 Queen’s Counsel in our team, all of whom are recognised as leading individuals by the Chambers & Partners UK Bar Guide. We have the highest number of ranked silks at the Bar.

Multidisciplinary expertise within Chambers means that we are able to call on other specialists. A number of us also practise in the fields of judicial review (in particular, challenges to youth court practice and procedure), extradition, inquests into deaths in custody, actions against the police and public authorities and prison law.

We continue to actively lobby Government on policy proposals affecting the criminal Bar, in keeping with our ethos of defending access to justice.

Notable Cases


Sally Challen murder conviction quashed and manslaughter plea accepted in “coercive control” case (2019) 
Landmark case in which Sally Challen walked free after prosecutors accepted a lesser plea of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, for killing her abusive husband after decades of psychological abuse. Coverage in BBCGuardian and ITV News.

Stanstead 15 kept out of prison following their conviction for endangering safety at an aerodrome (2019)
Defended activitsts who took action to prevent a deportation flight removing people from the UK and taking those people to countries where their lives were at risk. See coverage in The Guardian.

Jonathan King sex abuse case (2018) 
Represented Jonathan King. Surrey Police apologised and the trial collapsed after defence submissions revealed systematic disclosure failings in sex abuse case of former DJ, Jonathan King. See coverage in The Guardian.
Acquittal at Old Bailey in multi-handed gang murder of music producer (2017)
Represented Uzoeme Emeofa, who was alleged to be one of an attacking group that fatally stabbed Dean Pascal-Modeste, an aspiring music producer, 14 times after he was chased to his death, by a group of young men on mopeds and on foot armed with guns and knives. He was acquitted following a seven week trial at the Old Bailey. The case involved extensive cell site, phone billing analysis, forensic evidence and the piecing together of CCTV footage, along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Jailed whistle-blower in plea for press freedoms to take case to European Court (2017)
Unique appeal to the European Court of Human Rights raising issues of constitutional importance: press freedom and whether journalistic sources can remain anonymous or avoid prosecution if their identity is revealed. Trial brought about by Operation Elveden and prosecution for Misconduct in Public office. See coverage in Press Gazette.

Landmark Supreme Court joint enterprise case (2016)
R v Ameen Jogee & Ruddock v Jamaica (Supreme Court and Privy Council) UKSC 2015/0015; JCPC 2015/0020. The most important criminal case of recent decades which found that the joint enterprise law had been wrongly interpreted for 30 years. Significant media coverage, including by the BBC, The Guardian and Independent.

The Hatton Garden raid (2016)
Represented two defendants accused of their roles in the Hatton Garden safety deposit box raid, described by the judge to be the “biggest burglary in English legal history.”  Covered by the BBC, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

The Omagh Bombing Case (2016)
R v Seamus Daly. Defended the only suspect in the Omagh Bombing, Seamus Daly, who was accused of murdering 29 people. The prosecution case against Mr Daly collapsed after cross-examination of the prosecution’s key witness. Reported by the BBC, The Guardian, Independent and Sky News.

Acquittal of broker in LIBOR trial (2016)
Darrell Read found not guilty of conspiring to defraud by manipulating the LIBOR rate. The case has been widely reported, including in the Guardian and the BBC.

Stacey Hyde cleared of murder in retrial (2015)
Successfully appealed the conviction of Stacey Hyde, previously convicted of murder in 2010. Reported by the Telegraph, the BBC and the Guardian.

Karissa Cox cleared of child abuse (2015)
Two parents found innocent of child abuse after their baby was removed and adopted. Extensive national press coverage, including in the Guardian and Independent.

Collapse of terror trial against Bherlin Gildo (2015)
Case collapsed against Swedish national as prosecution offers no evidence. The case has received widespread media coverage, including by The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Contact team

The Team

Judy Khan QC

Year of Call: 1989

Year of Silk: 2010

Ian Peddie QC

Year of Call: 1971

Year of Silk: 1992

Henry Blaxland QC

Year of Call: 1978

Year of Silk: 2002

Icah Peart QC

Year of Call: 1978

Year of Silk: 2002

Michael Turner QC

Year of Call: 1981

Year of Silk: 2002

Stephen Kamlish QC

Year of Call: 1979

Year of Silk: 2003

Dexter Dias QC

Year of Call: 1988

Year of Silk: 2009

James Scobie QC

Year of Call: 1984

Year of Silk: 2010

Bernard Tetlow QC

Year of Call: 1984

Year of Silk: 2011

Ali Bajwa QC

Year of Call: 1993

Year of Silk: 2011

Rajiv Menon QC

Year of Call: 1993

Year of Silk: 2011

Peter Wilcock QC

Year of Call: 1988

Year of Silk: 2012

Michael Ivers QC

Year of Call: 1991

Year of Silk: 2016

Di Middleton QC

Year of Call: 1997

Year of Silk: 2017

Clare Wade QC

Year of Call: 1990

Year of Silk: 2018

Brenda Campbell QC

Year of Call: 2002

Year of Silk: 2018

David Emanuel QC

Year of Call: 1996

Year of Silk: 2019

Keir Monteith QC

Year of Call: 1994

Year of Silk: 2019

Hossein Zahir QC

Year of Call: 2005

Year of Silk: 2019

Michael House

Year of Call: 1972

Marguerite Russell

Year of Call: 1972

Patrick Roche

Year of Call: 1977

Lalith de Kauwe

Year of Call: 1978

Michael Hall

Year of Call: 1983

Nerida Harford-Bell

Year of Call: 1984

Bill Evans

Year of Call: 1988

Piers Mostyn

Year of Call: 1989

Alistair Polson

Year of Call: 1989

Alex Taylor-Camara

Year of Call: 1989

Carol Hawley

Year of Call: 1990

Peter Rowlands

Year of Call: 1990

Allison Munroe

Year of Call: 1992

Mark Gatley

Year of Call: 1993

Edward Grieves

Year of Call: 1995

Sean Horstead

Year of Call: 1996

Anya Lewis

Year of Call: 1997

Jacqueline Vallejo

Year of Call: 1997

Nick Wrack

Year of Call: 1997

Helen Butcher

Year of Call: 1999

Hugh Mullan

Year of Call: 2019

Minka Braun

Year of Call: 2000

Sam Parham

Year of Call: 2000

Christian Wasunna

Year of Call: 2000

Kate Aubrey-Johnson

Year of Call: 2001

Allison Bailey

Year of Call: 2001

Stella Harris

Year of Call: 2002

Victoria Meads

Year of Call: 2002

Sam Robinson

Year of Call: 2002

Alex Rose

Year of Call: 2003

Tom Wainwright

Year of Call: 2003

Abigail Bache

Year of Call: 2004

Joanne Cecil

Year of Call: 2005

Lucie Wibberley

Year of Call: 2005

Sarah Hemingway

Year of Call: 2006

Alex Grigg

Year of Call: 2007

Giles Newell

Year of Call: 2007

Lee Sergent

Year of Call: 2016

Shahida Begum

Year of Call: 2008

James Mehigan

Year of Call: 2008

Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright

Year of Call: 2008

Thalia Maragh

Year of Call: 2009

Jacob Bindman

Year of Call: 2010

Emma Fenn

Year of Call: 2010

Russell Fraser

Year of Call: 2010

Michael Goold

Year of Call: 2010

Owen Greenhall

Year of Call: 2010

Gerwyn Wise

Year of Call: 2010

Catherine Oborne

Year of Call: 2011

Tom Stoate

Year of Call: 2011

Alia K. A. Mohammad

Year of Call: 2011

Susan Wright

Year of Call: 2013

Tom Copeland

Year of Call: 2013

Audrey Cherryl Mogan

Year of Call: 2014

Meredoc McMinn

Year of Call: 2015

Tihomir Mak

Year of Call: 2016

Franck Magennis

Year of Call: 2016

Shina Animashaun

Year of Call: 2015

Danielle Manson

Year of Call: 2016

Associate Members

Mark George QC

Year of Call: 1976

Year of Silk: 2009

Mary McKeone

Year of Call: 1986

Pete Weatherby QC

Year of Call: 1992

Year of Silk: 2012

Kamran Choudhry

Year of Call: 2001

Sareta Ashraph

Year of Call: 2002

Anna Morris

Year of Call: 2006

Terry McGuinness

Year of Call: 2009

Latest News

Client acquitted of two attempted murders at the Old Bailey

James Scobie QC of Garden Court led Emma Goodall of Doughty Street Chambers and was instructed by Phaedon Georgiou of Joseph Hill Solicitors.

23 January 2020

Stephen Simblet and Allison Munroe of Garden Court Chambers to be appointed Queen’s Counsel

Garden Court Chambers is delighted to announce that Stephen Simblet and Allison Munroe of Garden Court Chambers will be formally appointed Queen’s Counsel.

16 January 2020

Trial collapses as judge rules defendant has no case to answer in prosecution for 'assault' by sound

Icah Peart QC and Owen Greenhall of Garden Court were instructed by Raj Chada of Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors to represent Mr Farrar of the IWGB Union.

16 January 2020

Judge persuaded to stay proceedings

Lee Sergent of the Garden Court Crime Team was instructed by Aideen McMahon of GT Stewart Solicitors to represent the defendant.

15 January 2020

£2 million confiscation order reduced to £148,000

Keir Monteith QC of the Garden Court Crime Team was instructed by Harsha Rupasinghe and Anoushka Twining of Lloyds PR Solicitors to represent Mr Metua.

15 January 2020

MS patient found not guilty of cultivating cannabis for medical use

Tom Wainwright of Garden Court represented the patient, Lesley Gibson, instructed by Tayab Ali of ITN Solicitors.

6 January 2020

Murder acquittal at the Old Bailey

One of the defendants was represented by Brenda Campbell QC and Stella Harris of Garden Court.

20 December 2019

Peter Wilcock QC and Emma Fenn of Garden Court secure acquittal in murder case

Peter Wilcock QC and Emma Fenn of Garden Court Chambers have secured the acquittal of a man who was accused of murdering a leading member of a county lines drug gang.

13 December 2019

Court of Appeal quashes convictions of the Oval Four

Judy Khan QC, Joint Head of Garden Court Chambers, represented the appellants instructed by Jenny Wiltshire of Hickman & Rose and Steven Bird of Birds Solicitors.

5 December 2019

Defendant acquitted of murder and manslaughter at Old Bailey

Icah Peart QC of Garden Court Chambers led George Gross, and was instructed by Jamie Ritchie of Moss & Co, representing Chaise Gray.

29 November 2019

Garden Court barristers join the JUSTICE Working Party on Racial Disparity in Youth Justice

Maya Sikand, Kate-Aubrey Johnson and Danielle Manson of Garden Court have been appointed to the JUSTICE Working Party, 'Racial Disparity in Youth Justice'

20 November 2019

Vulnerable youth defendant acquitted after successful appeal against conviction and re-trial

Shahida Begum of the Garden Court Crime Team led John Connolly of Thompsons Solicitors and was instructed by Mutahir Ahmed of Thompsons Solicitors.

11 November 2019

Judy Khan QC wins Crime Silk of the Year at Chambers Bar Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce that Judy Khan QC has won Crime Silk of the Year at the Chambers Bar Awards 2019.

1 November 2019

Manslaughter acquittal in shaken baby case

Rajiv Menon QC and Jacob Bindman represented Ravinder Deol, instructed by Sara Alessandrini of O’Keeffe’s Solicitors.

25 October 2019

Abdul Lounici found Not Guilty of double murder

James Scobie QC and Catherine Oborne of Garden Court were instructed by Nawal Asskoumi of Stuart Miller Solicitors, represented by Abdul Lounici. Lounici was acquitted by the jury on 17th October 2019.

21 October 2019

Garden Court Chambers ranked in Band 1 in Chambers UK Bar Guide 2020

We are delighted to have once again been ranked in Band 1 by Chambers and Partners in the Chambers UK Bar Guide 2020.

17 October 2019

Acquittal of conspiracy to cheat HMRC following six week trial at Southwark Crown Court

The defendant was represented by Mark Gatley of Garden Court.

9 September 2019

Judy Khan QC shortlisted for Crime Silk of the Year and Stephanie Harrison QC shortlisted for Human Rights and Public Law Silk of the Year by Chambers Bar Awards 2019

Winners of the awards will be announced at a ceremony on 31 October 2019 at the Hilton on Park Lane.

6 September 2019

Lucie Wibberley debates reform of law on misconduct in public office on BBC Radio 4 'Unreliable Evidence'

Lucie Wibberley of the Garden Court Chambers Criminal Defence Team has appeared on BBC Radio 4's 'Unreliable Evidence' programme to debate reform of the law on misconduct in public office, drawing on her experience of representing clients prosecuted for t

16 August 2019

Supreme Court challenge to lawfulness of UK facilitation of the death penalty in the US

Jacob Bindman is representing the intervener, Reprieve, led by Mark Summers QC at Matrix Chambers. They are instructed by Rosa Curling of Leigh Day in the expedited appeal at the Supreme Court.

5 August 2019

Defendant acquitted of four offences of human trafficking and exploitation in major modern slavery trial

Bill Evans and Russell Fraser of Garden Court represented the defendant, instructed by Jim O'Keeffe of O'Keeffe Solicitors.

30 July 2019

Clients found not guilty of high profile people smuggling allegation after 6 week trial

James Scobie QC and Keir Monteith QC were instructed by Pan Symeou of Faradays Solicitors.

22 July 2019

Joanne Cecil wins Legal Aid Barrister of the Year and Una Morris wins Legal Aid Newcomer of the Year at 2019 LALY Awards

Garden Court Chambers is delighted to announce that two of our barristers won awards at the seventeenth annual Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards.

11 July 2019

Defendant at Old Bailey acquitted of murder and manslaughter following 10-week trial relating to fatal arson attack in Shooters Hill

Brenda Campbell QC was instructed by GT Stewart Solicitors and Advocates to represent the defendant, Kurtis Freeman.

3 July 2019

John Letts and Sally Lane spared jail following ‘terrorism funding’ trial for sending money to son, Jack Letts, in Syria

Henry Blaxland QC and Tom Wainwright were instructed by Tayab Ali, Itpal Dhillon and Anna Renou of ITN Solicitors.

21 June 2019

Keir Monteith QC persuades Court of Appeal to grant full credit for pleading guilty at the plea and trial preparation hearing

Keir Monteith QC was instructed by Mohsin Ariff at Lloyds PR Solicitors.

21 June 2019

Garden Court Chambers welcomes new tenants Hugh Mullan and Gerwyn Wise to the Crime Team

We are delighted to announce that Hugh Mullan and Gerwyn Wise have joined the Garden Court Crime Team as tenants.

14 June 2019

Sally Challen walks free after prosecutors accept lesser plea of manslaughter for killing abusive husband in coercive control case

Clare Wade QC and Lucie Wibberley of the Garden Court Chambers Crime Team represented Sally Challen, instructed by Harriet Wistrich of Birnberg Peirce & Partners.

10 June 2019

Unanimous not guilty verdict for experienced solicitor accused of perverting the course of justice

James Scobie QC was instructed for the Defendant by Julie Ferguson of Levales Solicitors LLP.

30 May 2019

Garden Court Crime Team encourages all members of the Criminal Bar Association to vote in favour of action in the ballot launched today

We call on all our colleagues at the Criminal Bar to join us.

24 May 2019

Defendants at Old Bailey acquitted of attempted murder following shooting in Burnt Oak

The first defendant was represented by Tom Wainwright of Garden Court, instructed by Nawal Asskoumi of Stuart Miller Solicitors. The second defendant was represented by James Scobie QC of Garden Court, instructed by John Kaye at Carson Kaye.

15 May 2019

Kurdish protesters found not guilty of affray

The defendants were represented by Michael Goold and Russell Fraser, both of Garden Court Chambers, instructed by Sevim Tonbul of Morgan Has Solicitors.

3 May 2019

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