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Sexual Offences

Some of the primary legislation

Sexual Offences Act 2003
Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999
Sexual Offences Act 1967
Sexual Offences Act 1956

Some of our recent notable cases

Regina v Court and Gu (2012)
One prostitute, working by herself from an address and simply carrying out straight-forward sexual services was not sufficient to amount to the ancient common law offence of ‘keeping a disorderly house’. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 had comprehensively reviewed the law on prostitution and the common law should be kept within its existing bounds.
[2012] EWCA Crim 133 9/2/2012. Reported at Times, March 13, 2012.
Tom Wainwright

Regina v Bassett (2008)
Leading case on the offence of voyeurism under section 67 and 68 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Conviction quashed by Court of Appeal who agreed that the reference to ‘breasts’ in s.68 does not include a man’s breasts. Defendant initially represented pro bono after leave to appeal refused by Single Judge.
[2008] EWCA Crim 1174. Reported at (2008) Crim LR 998; (2009) 1 Cr App R 7; (2009) 1 WLR 1032; Archbold (2012)20-217
Tom Wainwright

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