Employment Tribunal decision on Allison Bailey claim against Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers

Wednesday 27 July 2022

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The London Central Employment Tribunal has today handed down its judgment in the employment claim brought by Allison Bailey against Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers. 

Garden Court Chambers has the following statement to make:

"We are reviewing today’s judgment, which dismissed Ms Bailey’s claim against Stonewall and most of her claims against Garden Court Chambers including all her claims for indirect discrimination.

"In particular, we note that her primary claim (for loss of earnings on the grounds of victimisation) was dismissed, the Tribunal finding that “We could not conclude that it was shown that the fall in income was in any way influenced (let alone significantly influenced)”  by Ms Bailey’s complaint to colleagues about Garden Court becoming a Stonewall Diversity Champion or by her beliefs.  

"The Tribunal found that it “could not conclude that Garden Court Chambers as a whole had a practice of treating gender critical beliefs as bigoted”.  This confirms our stance. We have maintained throughout that our members, quite reasonably, hold differing views in the complex debate around trans and sex-based rights. Our primary aim throughout has always been to uphold our values and maintain a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

"We are reviewing the judgment carefully with our legal team with a view to appeal."


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