Extradition of Turkish social justice activist barred

18 April 2017

Shahida Begum

IK was convicted of terrorism-related offences in the 1990s. IK denied the offences, stating he was being persecuted because of his Alevi background, support for Kurdish rights and political views. He was tortured in pre-trial detention and prison whilst serving his sentence in Turkey. He participated in hungers strikes, eventually escaping via a tunnel. He later came to the UK and successfully claimed asylum.

His extradition to Turkey was sought for the outstanding sentence. Political, prisons and Turkish legal experts were called to give evidence about the past treatment of social justice activists and the future risk to IK.

IK’s extradition was barred due a future risk of Article 3 ECHR breaches by the Turkish authorities.

IK was represented by Shahida Begum of the Garden Court Chambers Crime Team. She was instructed by Morgan Has Solicitors.