Allison Bailey

Year of Call: 2001

"I was truly blessed to have Allison represent me, and truly blessed to have met her. It was a very sad day to say my last goodbye to Allison as no one has ever gone to such lengths to help me."

Lay client

"I am extremely grateful for the care, attention and industry that you put into the case. I don't believe that any counsel would have done more."


"I have no doubt that having ... Bindmans and Allison at Garden Court made a considerable difference to this case for me, which could have ended up very differently without the brilliant work you both did for me."

Lay client

“In the best traditions of the bar you showed such tenacity and hard work over and above the call of duty. I very much enjoyed your closing speech. Thank you for bearing my occasional impatience with good humour.”

Crown Court Judge


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Allison Bailey specialises in criminal defence law. She is engaged in a wide range of cases concerning serious violence and complex and organised crime, such as murder, manslaughter, s.18 GBH, aggravated and armed robbery, firearms, complex fraud, drugs and political protest cases.

Criminal Defence


Allison is instructed by higher professionals facing potentially career ending criminal charges before the criminal courts. She is also available to advise and represent professionals facing fitness to practise hearings before their regulatory bodies.

Allison has a developing appellate practice and is committed to challenging convictions and sentences where there are grounds to do so, but especially where vulnerable defendants may have been disadvantaged during the trial and sentencing process.

Notable Cases

Murder and Serious Violence

R v JT at Southwark Crown Court
Multiple stab wounds inflicted on the deceased by her partner in her home. Following the killing the defendant read poetry, washed the deceased, cleaned the property and paid his taxes, before calling the police to give himself up. The case presented legal challenges in relation to the availability of the partial defence to murder of diminished responsibility, where there was evidence of an accumulation of recognised personality disorder traits, but no single full diagnosis.

R v MP and Another at Harrow Crown Court
Joint enterprise s.18 GBH concerning a complainant who was an amateur cage fighter and kick boxer. Allison's defendant asserted that he was simply acting to defend his friend who he feared was about to be seriously injured by the complainant. Allison succeeded in having the trial against the defendant stopped at half-time, following her cross-examination of the complainant.

R v MM and another at Inner London Crown Court and at the Court of Appeal
A cut-throat trial involving charges of attempted murder and a related firearms offence. Thereafter on appeal to the Court of Appeal, the court giving further guidance to trial judges not to interfere with the fairness of a trial by entering the arena to cross-examine an accused.

R v DF at the Central Criminal Court
A case of single-punch manslaughter following an altercation between players at a local league football match.

R v JB
Joint enterprise s.18 GBH stabbing of two men by alleged notorious gang members.

R v MS
Conspiracy to commit multiple cash-in-transit robberies over a period of two years.

R v JK at Chichester Crown Court
s.18 GBH glassing by one young woman against another following bullying on Facebook.

R v X at Inner London Crown Court
s.18 GBH random multiple complainant stabbing, involving conflicting psychiatric evidence as to disposal and ultimately disposal by way of hospital order.

R v RE at Inner London Crown Court
Historic armed robbery of a bank following the discovery of new forensic evidence.

R v HK at Birmingham Crown Court
Multiple armed robbery of banks, where the defence was fit-up by police. Thereafter on appeal to the Court of Appeal and the CCRC.


R v S & Others at Hove Crown Court)
A multi-handed trial involving anti-war activists who broke into an arms factory and caused £180,00 worth of damage. Allison played a particularly active role in the trial, calling a key expert witness on Arab-Israeli geopolitics, which proved pivotal in persuading the jury to accept the defendant's defences of lawful excuse, prevention of crime and necessity.

R v ES at Maidstone Crown Court
Anti-war protester charged with the witness intimidation of the Managing Director of an arms factory.


R v JPC at Plymouth Crown Court
Large scale conspiracy to produce MDMA ecstasy. Allison's client accepted that he had a small laboratory set up in his property at the relevant time but submitted that this was for the manufacture of a so called "legal high" and not MDMA.

R v S & Others at Isleworth Crown Court
Multi-handed trial involving substantial multiple kilo cannabis supply.

R v N & Others at Southwark Crown Court
Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs by young inner city men following covert police purchases of drugs and focused surveillance.


R v DB
GP accused of assaulting his former partner.

R v NL & Others at Newcastle Crown Court
Conspiracy to control prostitution via an online site and brothels in the North of England. The case attracted publicity because it involved a serving police officer moonlighting as a sex worker and the alleged tacit approval to run the brothels by some local police forces.

R v DF at Southwark Crown Court
Multiple counts of racially aggravated harassment between neighbours; white complainant, black accused.

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Financial Crime and Confiscation

R v EP and Others at Wood Green Crown Court
Multi-handed case involving the attempted multi-million pound fraud of the UK clearing banks using cloned micro-chip technology and dummy ATM facades.

R v C and Others at Wolverhampton Crown Court
Multi-handed case involving credit card fraud against the UK clearing banks.

R v D at Southwark Crown Court
Fraud by an employee of a multi-national bank.

R v JC at Wood Green Crown Court
Cheque forgery over a number of years by a firm's accountant, where false accounting was part of the firm's business structure.

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Allison was born and raised in Cowley, in Oxford, the daughter of Jamaican parents. Her mother was a state registered nurse and her father a publican. She spent much of her youth working and travelling around the USA, variously working as a waitress in New York, a rickshaw driver on San Francisco's Embarcadero and for several years as a community bookseller and organiser in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On Allison's return to the UK, and whilst studying full-time for her undergraduate degree in sociology at the University of Manchester, for which she would receive a First, Allison worked part-time as a housing support worker with women and children survivors of sexual violence. After graduation she moved to London to pursue postgraduate law qualifications, working part-time as an outdoor clerk for solicitors in the civil and criminal courts, ultimately being called to the Bar of England and Wales by Middle Temple in the summer of 2001.



  • Benefactors Scholarship, awarded by Middle Temple.
  • Blackstone Entrance Exhibition, awarded by Middle Temple.
  • Baron Boulos Memorial Prize, for distinction in the study of sociology, awarded by the University of Manchester.


  • B.Soc.Sc (Sociology: First Class: Manchester University)
  • BVC (Inns of Court School of Law)

Professional Membership

  • Criminal Bar Association

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