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Terry Munyard

  • Call: 1972
Terry Munyard
Legal 500 UK Awards 2015: Winner
"A natural and extremely personable advocate with huge experience." "An extremely good advocate who cares about the issue at hand."
The Legal 500


All major Crown Court and some Appellate court crime; Coroners Inquests; and some Regulatory work. Leading Junior in criminal cases for almost two decades.

In crime, his principal area of practice, Terry acts in most areas of work, particularly terrorist cases, public order and political activist cases; but right across the board acting often as leading counsel in terrorist cases, murder, firearms, drugs, serious sex cases, and fraud.

Terry has also appeared in two major Public Inquiries, into the Procedures for Identification of the Deceased arising out of the Marchioness Disaster, 2001; and the Loss of the Fishing Trawler, MV Gaul, held 20 years after the event in 2005.

He was a founder member of Inquest which campaigns for changes in coronial law and supports families facing often highly controversial inquests.

Terry is ranked for Crime in Chambers UK 2019.

“An absolutely excellent advocate, who wins over even the most difficult of judges.”
Legal 500 2017

“A natural and extremely personable advocate with huge experience.”
Legal 500 2016

“Specialist knowledge of terrorism cases.”
Legal 500 2015

“An extremely good advocate who cares about the issue at hand.”
Legal 500 2014


Terry was called to the Bar a year after completing his law degree. In the 1970s he worked in various areas of legal publishing, specialising in the fields of employment and discrimination law. He was an active trade unionist and was involved with the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL now Liberty), and was elected to its national executive committee.

He was also active in the gay rights movement, and was instrumental in decriminalising gay relationships in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the latter he was junior counsel on behalf of the successful applicant in Dudgeon v United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights which brought Northern Ireland’s law in line with England and Wales.

Terry was one of the first to publish articles on the employment rights of people with HIV and AIDS.
He did pupillage in 1980 with Tony Gifford QC in Wellington Street Chambers, and when chambers dissolved, moved to Garden Court in 1990.

Notable criminal cases

War crimes

From mid-2007 to March 2012 Terry was number two counsel in the team led by Courtenay Griffiths QC representing Ex President Charles Taylor on war crimes charges before the Special Court for Sierra Leone sitting in The Hague. In the course of that (absurdly) long trial Terry cross-examined the largest number of prosecution witnesses and he led for the defence on almost all procedural issues.

Other criminal cases

Several IRA trials in the 1990s, including R v Hanratty and others, one of the very last in 1997 at the Central Criminal Court in which the defendants uniquely accepted that they were members of the organisation.

Terrorist trials more recently, including R v Bourouag and others, Woolwich 2007, in which members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group were prosecuted for raising funds for those opposing the Ghaddafi regime in Libya following Ghaddafi’s rapprochement with the West and Tony Blair in particular.

R v Ditta and others, Central Criminal Court 2007, possession of information likely to be of use to terrorists;

R v Nassari and El Hor (reported as “Wife Urges Husband to Jihad) Central Criminal Court 2007, represented Ms El Hor who was acquitted.

Currently instructed in several pending Terrorism Act trials

Murder trials going back to the late 1990s; including R v Michel Lupo, gay serial killer.

R v John Earnshaw Central Criminal Court, 2003, issue was one of whether the defendant was suffering from Diminished Responsibility when he battered to death his father’s lover with a bust of his father.

More recently R v Oloyedi and others, Central Criminal Court 2009, fatal stabbing of 15 year old victim.


R v Scace and others, Snaresbrook Crown Court, well organised plot to kidnap businessman, represented accused who had been a US Army Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan.


R v Crompton and others, Central Criminal Court, 2012, multi-million pound property fraud involving allegations of use of false identities and corrupt solicitors firms.

R v Butt and others, Liverpool Crown Court, 2012, alleged large scale fraud on the NHS.

Protest and public order cases

Many animal rights cases, including the notorious Green Anarchist/Animal Liberation Front trial in 1998 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Trial of two Anti Nuclear Protesters arrested in the docks at Barrow-in-Furness attempting to damage a nuclear submarine, whose defence that they were trying to prevent the criminal use of weapons of mass destruction was accepted by the jury at Manchester Crown Court: R v Boyes, 2001.

Several cases arising out of the Student University Fees demonstrations in 2010, including R v Akinyemi, violent disorder at Conservative Party HQ; Kingston Crown Court 2012.

One of the very few acquittals in cases arising out of the 2011 summer riots cases: R v Bramble, Inner London Crown Court, 2012.

Anti Fascist Action violent disorder trial, 24 defendants on charges of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and violent disorder on a railway station near where fascists were holding an explicitly Nazi rock concert: R v Bray and others, Blackfriars Crown Court, 2011.

Coal House Riot Trial, Sheffield Crown Court, 1985, arising out of the Miners’ Strike, 1984-5, where a group of 12 miners charged with Riot following a picket of Coal House in Doncaster, HQ of the Coal Board, were tried at the same time as the better known Orgreave Riot trial. The Coal House trial went all the way to verdicts: the jury acquitted all the miners and the next day the Crown threw in the towel in the Orgreave trial going on next door.

Gravesend Temple Violent Disorder and GBH with Intent trial, arising out of a large scale disorder and potentially lethal violence at a Sikh Temple between rival political groups which led to 12 defendants being charged with a number of serious offences and a three month long trial at Inner London Crown Court, 1988.

Armed robbery

R v Ergonul, Wood Green Crown Court, 2006; sophisticated armed attacks on a series of brothels in North London.

Drug dealing cases

R v Dawson and others, Bristol Crown Court, 2012, allegedly the main supplier of Class A drugs to the population of Swindon in early 2010.

R v Mall and others, Kingston Crown Court, 2006, large scale importation of cocaine from South America.

Legal History was made by R v Kelly (theft of human body-parts by an artist – in which English law on property in a dead body was changed); Southwark Crown Court, 1998.

Other notable cases

Dudgeon v UK (see above – Northern Irish gay rights case)

Ex parte Ridley (right to a second post-mortem); ex parte Dallaglio and Lockwood-Croft (removal of Coroner in The Marchioness case – then appeared in subsequent inquest); Inquest of Michael Menson, (black musician set on fire in racist attack – unlawful killing verdict led to successful prosecution for murder) Roger Sylvester and many other high-profile inquests, including representing the family and fashion house of Alexander McQueen in 2010.

Ex parte Hardial Singh (successful Habeas Corpus application in deportation proceedings but no other immigration cases!).

Ex Parte Hodges ( judicial review of Government listening post, GCHQ, for sacking employee who came out as gay).