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Peter Jorro

  • Call: 1986
Peter Jorro
"Excellent on complex EU matters for high-profile clients." "A senior junior at the top of his game." "He is bright, he is cost-effective and he picks up on the issues that need to be addressed first time."
Chambers UK Bar Guide and the Legal 500



Peter practises in all areas of immigration law. He joined Garden Court Chambers in 2000 after having been at the Refugee Legal Centre and having worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He undertakes advocacy in the Tribunal, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal and has been junior counsel in the Supreme Court.

In particular he has represented in several confidential asylum appeals made by individuals with a high profile in the countries from which they have claimed asylum.

He also has a wealth of experience and success in PBS (Points Based System), business, EEA, family and general immigration cases both on appeal and on judicial review in the High Court and now in the Upper Tribunal. He has advised and made written submissions to the courts on immigration issues in family proceedings. He has advised and assisted clients on applications for British nationality, by way of registration and naturalisation, and has successfully challenged refusals of British nationality by way of judicial review.

He has advised and assisted on behalf of companies applying for Tiers 2 and 5 ‘Sponsor licences’ (in order to employ migrant workers) and has drafted representations and grounds for judicial review in challenging Home Office decisions to refuse or to suspend and revoke sponsor licences.

He is ranked Band 2 for Immigration in Chambers UK 2019 and in Tier 1 in the Legal 500 2019 (including business immigration) – leading juniors.

Direct Access

Peter is registered with the Bar Council for public access work and regularly assists private clients in various immigration and nationality law scenarios, including, in particular, with applying under Tier 1 of the PBS, making human rights applications, advising and assisting in applications for British citizenship and in challenging, by way of appeal or administrative and judicial review, refusals of leave and in assisting companies with PBS sponsorship issues.

Training and media

He frequently conducts training courses on asylum and immigration law related issues for various organisations, especially the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA), and has often put the case on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees on television and radio. An interview with Peter on BBC World News is available on the BBC website. He is a member of ILPA.

Reviewers’ Comments

“He gives clear, practical advice, focusing on the key issues, with a clear eye on the client’s commercial objectives.”
Chambers UK 2019

“A go-to barrister who can be both diplomatic and tough.”
Legal 500 2019

“He is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and technically excellent. He is very effective, both in his written work and in court and user-friendly in his interactions with clients.”
Chambers UK 2018

‘He is incredibly smart and therefore able to identity the most important issues.’
Legal 500 2017

“Excellent on complex EU matters for high-profile clients.” “He has a profound knowledge of refugee issues.”
Chambers UK 2017

“A senior junior at the top of his game.”
Legal 500 2016

“He combines excellent technical knowledge with a very user-friendly manner.” “He is bright, he is cost-effective and he picks up on the issues that need to be addressed first time.”
Chambers UK 2016

“He advises on a broad range of immigration issues.”
Legal 500 2015

“His diligence and high standard of written and oral work are highly valued.” “A real lover of the law, he will explain the issue to you and what the law says in a clear and comprehensive way. He’s really good on technical stuff.”
Chambers UK 2015

“I have just received my ILR from HO today, finally I get it! I would like to thank you for your great help and support, this is now a big relief for me and I can move it forward.”
Public access client granted indefinite leave to remain following an application made with representations drafted by Peter requesting Secretary of State to apply her residual discretion to grant an application that does not meet the strictures of the immigration rules.

“I just received the approval letter from Home Office for my recent ILR application! They will send the biometric card in the next a few days. I really appreciate all your supports and helps during last two years, and you are a right man in a right job indeed. Me and my family never forget you helps Sir!”
Public access client granted indefinite leave to remain as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur migrant following application made with Peter’s assistance.

Notable Cases

HJ (Iran) and HT (Cameroon) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] UKSC 31, [2011] 1 AC 596
Seminal asylum judgment relating to gay claimants but with wider applicability in terms of the true ambit of surrogate protection under the Refugee Convention.

T6 v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2011] UKSIAC 95/2010
Appeal before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission by a very high profile Algerian businessman / ‘oligarch’ who has fallen out with the Algerian President and whose case was certified by the Secretary of State on ‘UK’s relations with other country’ and ‘public interest’ grounds.

Gekhang (Interaction of Directives and Rules) [2016] UKUT 374, [2016] Imm AR 1141
A legally important case for the Tribunal endorsing the appellant’s submissions as to the correct inter-relationship between, and the primacy of, the EU Qualification and Procedures Directives to the approach to asylum determination in the Immigration Rules. The determination is also very helpful to all Tibetan asylum seekers previously resident in India.

R (Tshiteya) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] EWHC 238 (Admin)
Regarding fresh claims and Article 8, ECHR.

FK (Kenya) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2008] EWCA Civ 119
Successful appeal against negative ‘country guidance’ decision relating to risk of genital mutilation for Kenyan women.

RM (Somalia) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2007] EWCA Civ 751
Successful appeal in case emphasising the importance of not conflating claims for refugee status and humanitarian protection.

AJ (Liberia) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2006] EWCA Civ 1736
Successful appeal relating to risk of suicide as an argued breach of Article 3.

Secretary of State for the Home Department v Akaeke [2005] EWCA Civ 947, [2005] Imm AR 701, [2005] INLR 575
On administrative delay by the Home Office rendering a decision to remove a person from the UK a disproportionate interference in her right to respect for her family life in the UK.

He v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2002] EWCA Civ 1150, [2002] Imm AR 590
Chinese religious sect member fearing persecution.

Also MN and others (Ahmadis – country conditions – risk) Pakistan CG [2012] UKUT 00389 (IAC); RQ (Afghan National Army – Hizb-i-Islami – risk) Afghanistan CG [2008] UKAIT 00013; HY (Yibir – YS and HA applied) Somalia [2006] UKAIT 00002; MN (Findings on Sexuality) Kenya [2005] UKIAT 00021; AK and others (Tribunal Appeal – out of time) Bulgaria (starred) [2004] UKIAT 00201, [2004] Imm AR 486; OA (IFA – Unduly Harsh – Chechens – Relocation) Russia CG [2002] UKIAT 03796; Horvath [1999] INLR 7 (IAT); Yousfi [1998] INLR 136; Mario [1998] INLR 306; Mustafaraj [1994] Imm AR 78; Laftaly [1993] Imm AR 284; on-going (into 2018) cases relating to the Afghan citizens who ‘hijacked’ an aircraft to the UK in 2000.


Peter is the co-author of the Immigration Appeals and Remedies Handbook, which has been described as a “compulsory addition to the library of every immigration judge and practitioner” (Bloomsbury Professional, 2015).

Peter is also the co-author of Asylum Law and Practice, the leading practitioner’s text book concentrating on asylum law, now in its Second Edition (Bloomsbury Professional, 2010).

He is a Consultant Editor for Halsbury’s Laws of England, new Fifth Edition, Volume 57 on Immigration and Asylum (LexisNexis 2012) and was a contributor to the 2002 reissue of the Fourth Edition, Vol. 4(2) in relation to British Nationality, Immigration and Asylum.

He is a contributor to Macdonald’s Immigration Law & Practice, the leading practitioner’s text book on immigration law, now in its Ninth Edition (LexisNexis, 2014: plus Supplement 2017).

Peter has also been responsible for the asylum chapter of (Jackson’s) Immigration Law and Practice (most recently for its Fourth Edition – Tottel, 2008)