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Paramjit Ahluwalia

  • Call: 2002
Legal 500 UK Awards 2015: Winner

“The set is highly rated for its commitment to social justice. Members of chambers handle the full gamut of complex criminal matters.”

Chambers UK Bar Guide (Crime Team)


Paramjit is a committed criminal defence advocate:

  • Regularly instructed in murders.
  • Particular expertise in human trafficking, modern day slavery and immigration crime.
  • Represents the most vulnerable in society, including women, migrants, youths and individuals affected by mental health issues.
  • Appellate work in relation to the sentencing of women within the Criminal Justice System – the harsh and long term effects from short term sentences, IPP prisoners, individuals with issues of addiction and women who have suffered from domestic violence.
  • Paramjit is a Trustee of the charity Women In Prison and is on the advisory board of the Centre for Criminal Appeals.

Significant cases

Murder and manslaughter cases

R v GW (Wood Green Crown Court – January 2017)

Junior in murder trial before HHJ Browne QC. Led by Bernard Tetlow QC.

Expert evidence from Pathologists and Psychiatrists on issue of self-infliction. Conducted cross-examination of OIC. Distillation of large volumes of hearsay and bad character.

R v JR (Woolwich Crown Court – June 2016)

Junior in murder trial before HHJ Katz QC. Led by Michael Ivers QC.

Stabbing of a youth, issues of joint enterprise. Large volume of cell site and phone download evidence in context of allegation of drug dealing.

R v AH (Central Criminal Court – February 2016)

Junior in murder trial before HHJ Lucraft QC. Led by Dexter Dias QC.

Vulnerable defendant who had been badly assaulted before the incident. Stabbing captured on CCTV, weapon taken to the scene.

Large-scale trawls of CCTV footage, detailed investigation into bad character, Albanian mafiaose connections and business records.

R v Furniss and others (Nottingham Crown Court – October 2014)

Junior in conspiracy to murder trial before HHJ Haddon-Cave QC. Led by Icah Peart QC.

Three-handed conspiracy to murder trial over 9 week duration. Contract killing by shooting- CCTV, cell site, phone download and ANPR analysis.

R v SY, Warwick and Birmingham Crown Courts (October-December 2012)

Junior in multi-handed conspiracy to murder trial, Operation Chapletown before LJ Sharp. Led by David Jeremy QC.

Attributed role of conduit and recruiter. Issues of transferred malice, inferences from cell site and telephone usage and PII.

Human trafficking, modern day slavery and immigration crime cases

R v VN –  Harrow Crown Court (2016)

Cultivation of cannabis case. Crown offer no evidence post trafficking issues raised.

R v OB – Croydon Crown Court (2015)

Conspiracy to facilitate breach of immigration law. Multi-handed sham marriage case. Crown offered no evidence.

R v PB – Chelmsford Crown Court (2014)

Vulnerable woman charged with immigration document offences who went on hunger strike in prison. Received non-custodial sentence.

R v B and others (February 2013)

Leading counsel for a female defendant charged with trafficking offences into and within the UK in a multi-handed trafficking trial at Croydon Crown Court. Before HHJ Barnes.

Conducted sensitive cross-examination of a witness who had language and literacy difficulties. Successful half-time submission over ‘intention to exploit’ and dismissal application on trafficking into the country. This case was reported by the BBC.

R v Tudor Dragoman (2012) EWHC 4105

Judicial review of sentence by District Judge excluding a Romanian national from the UK for a conviction of shoplifting. At substantive judicial review, the court found that the district judge was acting ultra vires.

R v K (2012)

Representation of Bulgarian teenager charged with immigration document offences- for the Howard League, a charity specialising in the representation of children – reported in The Law Society Gazette.

R v M (2010)

Junior counsel to Isabella Forshall QC in multi-handed people trafficking case – successful half-time submission, third party disclosure from social services and UK Border Agency, and translation issues.

R v H (2008) Croydon Crown Court

Case concerning policy by Secretary of State towards a young single mother, who was Albanian, charged with immigration offences, where claim of asylum upon the basis of being Kosovan. Granted absolute discharge.

R v O (2006) EWCA Crim 2813

Travel restriction order quashed.

R (O) v SSHD and Peterborough City Council (2006) EWHC 2469 (Admin)

Successful judicial review relating to age dispute.

Contributions in the field of Modern Slavery

Representation of women

Paramjit is committed to the representation of women – seeking for equality of treatment, understanding of the issues concerning addiction and recognition of the impact that domestic violence has had upon many stuck in the criminal justice system.

R v Naomi Reynolds (December 2016)

Battered woman syndrome – appeal against sentence of a defendant who had carried drugs and SIM cards into prison for her partner. Appeal allowed and suspended sentence imposed. Caring responsibilities for family raised.

R v MM – Southwark Crown Court (November 2016)

Represented woman charged with possession of bladed article – victim of domestic violence – Crown offer no evidence post written representations.

R v BL – Wood Green Crown Court (March 2016)

Represented woman charged with ABH on partner who had been violent towards her in past – crown offer no evidence.

D v J – Southwark Crown Court (2014)

Private prosecution brought against a female defendant by her ex-partner for perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice. No admissible evidence at trial. Not guilty verdict returned by jury.

R v D.S (2014)

Arson – suspended sentence imposed and prison sentence quashed by the Court of Appeal. Psychiatric evidence on community mental health treatment put forward.

R v M, Southwark Crown Court (October 2013)

Junior in complex fraud case, representing a female professional charged with conspiracy to defraud at Copland School in Wembley. Crown offered no evidence. This case was reported in the Daily Mail.

Regina (A) v Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court (2013) EWHC 659 (Admin)

Judicial review of magistrates’ court decision to refuse to grant a reporting restriction under s39 CYPA 1933.

G v Commissioner for Police Metropolis and Crown Prosecution Service (2013)

Permission granted in Judicial Review of decision of the Metropolitan police to charge an Asian female youth with being drunk and disorderly. Crown offered no evidence.

R v SC – Woolwich Crown Court (2012)

Historic allegations of sexual assault by female minor on two other female step-siblings. Acquitted of all 12 counts.

Part of the Garden Court team meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, in March 2014.

Other reported cases

R v AT (2014) Kazakh national athlete – acquitted – case was reported via Tengri News.

R v Alfie Meadows and others (2012) Assisted Michael Mansfield QC in relation to student protest case.

R v DN, Inner London Crown Court January (2012) Operation Withern case: Cross-examination focused upon violence by police on defendant and breach of PACE codes.

R v JW, Wood Green Crown Court (February 2012) Operation Withern: Representation of man with learning difficulties charged with violent disorder in riots. Acquitted.

R v RM (2011) EWCA Crim 2639 Successful appeal in relation to Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

R v JD, Court of Appeal (June 2010) Successful appeal of imprisonment for public protection (IPP) sentence, through Criminal Cases Review Commission. Fresh evidence of a client’s mental health disorder at time of sentence.

R v JL (2010) EWCA Crim 284 A Sierra Leonean national who had an anti-social behavior order (ASBO) imposed for supplying drugs. Not ‘necessary to protect public,’ given immigration removal context.

R v LB-C, Blackfriars Crown Court (2009) Representation of young black male charged with obstructing police in search – involved strip searching contrary to PACE codes. This case was reported in The Guardian.

R v KT, Snaresbrook Crown Court (2009) Represented an adult male with learning difficulties (IQ similar to that of a 12-year-old) for matters relating to sexual activity with two separate underage complainants. Acquitted in both trials.

R v SC (2009) EWCA Crim 370 Court of Appeal reduced sentence tariff in case of GBH and arson for youth with learning difficulties.

R v LS (2008) EWCA Crim 1481 Represented 14-year-old in relation to allegations of familial rape upon step-siblings. Dangerousness findings quashed, and sentence reduced by Court of Appeal.


Paramjit is a committee member of the Criminal Bar Association and regularly supports organisations committed to attracting and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds to the Bar.

  • ‘Big Voice London’ – October 2016- Guest lecturer on project of Model Law Commission and reform of ‘Hate Crime.’
  • Speaker at City of London Appeals Clinic- February 2017 project investigating Miscarriages of Justice
  • Intern at Texas Defender Service, Houston in Summer 2001, assisting attorneys in a death row appeal.
  • A tribunal counsellor with Immigration Advisory Service.