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Justine Compton

  • Call: 2005
Justine Compton - barrister at Garden Court Chambers
"She is a joy to work with. She is reliable, thorough and someone who quite simply gets the job done."

Chambers UK, 2019

"Employs a laser-sharp focus to find the points that other lawyers might miss."

Legal 500, 2019


Justine was formerly a solicitor with the Community Law Partnership (admitted in 2000) specialising in Housing and Gypsy and Traveller Law. Before joining Garden Court Chambers in 2015, she practised at 1 Pump Court Chambers between 2006 -2014. During the 1990s, Justine was a housing, debt and welfare benefits adviser at Coventry, Cambridge and Warwick District Citizen Advice Bureau.

What others say

“She is a joy to work with. She is reliable, thorough and someone who quite simply gets the job done.”
Chambers UK 2019

“She is very nice and approachable, clear in her advice and willing to support you in difficult circumstances if you need some urgent or immediate advice.” “Always great to work with, she works really hard for clients and gets great results.”
Chambers UK 2018

“A punchy advocate, who is also very helpful and approachable.”
Legal 500 2017

“Justine’s excellent. I find her very good on disrepair cases. She’s very clear, does good tables and is a good advocate as well.” “She’s very sympathetic to the client; they really like her.”
Chambers UK 2017

“Very passionate about homelessness.”
Legal 500 2016


Justine is an experienced housing law practitioner who has particular experience in homelessness appeals, defending possession cases (including those involving anti-social behavior) and introductory tenancies. She also represents clients in respect of succession and disrepair cases. Justine frequently advises in cases where the client has mental health problems and where capacity is lacking. She has developed an interest and expertise in hoarding cases.

Gypsy and Traveller cases

Justine represents Gypsies and Travellers in eviction and planning matters. Having focused on this area of law for over five years as a solicitor, she has an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing Gypsies and Travellers and their accommodation needs. Justine has experience of advising and representing clients in respect of unauthorised encampments, issues arising out of occupation of public sites, planning applications for private sites and breaches of planning control.

Justine has been a Trustee of Friends, Families and Travellers since 2000.

Public and Administrative Law cases

Justine is experienced in judicial review claims in respect of homelessness, allocations and community care issues.

Property Law

In addition to landlord and tenant cases, Justine has advised in complex mortgage fraud cases, claims by cohabitees under the TOLATA and consumer credit issues.

Social Security

Justine advises on appeals to the Upper Tribunal in respect of social security issues and sits as a part-time Judge in the First Tier Tribunal of the Social Entitlement Chamber.

Training and Lecturing

Justine has also been a freelance trainer for Shelter and tutor of the BVC judicial review course at BPP school of law. She also delivers seminars and in-house training.

Advisory Work

Justine has recently worked with Fully Focused Productions, advising on homelessness law for the scripts of two powerful short films. ‘Nadia’ combines law and drama to highlight legal rights on homelessness, and ‘Eviction’ highlights the eviction rights of private tenants. The films, commissioned by the Legal Education Foundation, were made with young people from the charity Centrepoint who have experiences of homelessness and are available on YouTube and can be found below.