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Judy Khan QC

  • Call: 1989
  • Silk: 2010

Joint Head of Chambers

"An excellent and impressive advocate."

Chambers UK, 2019

"She is one of the most accessible and plain-speaking QCs at the Bar. Clients love her straightforward, no-fuss approach.""She is strategically astute and can present a case to a jury with the perfect balance of fact and emotion."

Chambers UK

Reviewers’ Comments on Judy Khan QC

“A really strong silk both in court and when dealing with difficult clients.” “Judy Khan is an excellent and impressive advocate” who “works tirelessly on a case.”
Chambers UK 2019 (Ranked in Band 1)

A great jury advocate who goes above and beyond for her clients.”
Legal 500 2019

A “super practitioner” well versed in handling complex and high-profile criminal cases, who is highly praised for her “amazing” judgement and superior advocacy. She is particularly experienced in handling substantial murders and sex offences.”She is one of the most accessible and plain-speaking QCs at the Bar. Clients love her straightforward, no-fuss approach.”
Chambers UK 2018 (Ranked in Band 1)

“She has an excellent manner with the clients, and is clearly respected by both peers and judges.” “She is strategically astute and can present a case to a jury with the perfect balance of fact and emotion.”
Chambers UK 2017

“She is a ferocious advocate, who is totally dedicated to clients.”
Chambers UK 2016

Warmly recommended by sources for her excellent advocacy skills, Judy Khan QC handles very serious criminal cases, particularly gang-related killings. She is often chosen to represent young and vulnerable clients. “Exceptional care and hard work goes into every case she handles. She works tirelessly for the right outcome, is approachable, and is always ready to provide advice and assistance.”
Chambers UK 2015

Representing the young and the vulnerable is a specialism of Judy Khan QC, an ‘extremely able and incredibly hard-working advocate’ who is universally lauded for her ‘total dedication to clients.’ Her criminal defence practice covers serious crime and she has a great deal of experience in handling allegations of sexual offences and baby shaking. She recently appeared in R v Khalid, an attempted murder case involving three Muslim inmates who attacked a war criminal found guilty of aiding and abetting the Srebrenica genocide.
Chambers UK 2014

Adding to the set’s impressive pool of silks this year is Judy Khan QC. She is applauded for her “energy, intellect and exceptional client care,” and sources are convinced her transition to silk will be a very natural and smooth one. She recently acted as leading defence counsel in a highly complicated murder case.
Chambers UK 2013

Judy Khan is “is very down to earth and popular with clients.” Solicitors turn to her as she has “a sharp mind and excellent judgment.”
Chambers UK 2012 


Judy has experience of criminal defence work across a wide spectrum of criminal cases. She has been instructed as leading counsel in cases involving allegations of murder, attempted murder, kidnap, fraud, money laundering and large-scale importation/supply of drugs. Judy also has extensive experience of cases involving sexual allegations, including historical sexual abuse. She finds representing young and vulnerable defendants particularly rewarding. She spent two years representing a number of families at the Hillsborough Inquests; she led a team of barristers who dealt with the medical and pathology evidence.

Judy has defended, both as leading and junior counsel, in cases involving allegations of baby-shaking.

Notable Cases

R v M and others (Central Criminal Court)
Defendant acquitted of murder – alleged gang-related shooting.

R v R and others (Central Criminal Court)
Successfully argued that identification evidence should be excluded, which resulted in the Crown offering no evidence against four defendants in a double murder/attempted murder. Alleged gang-related shooting. This case was reported in the Evening Standard.  

R v H (Isleworth CC)
Secured acquittal of retired vicar facing historical allegations of child abuse.

R v K (Leeds Crown Court)
Represented one of three convicted murderers accused of attempting to murder war criminal, Radislav Krstic, in Wakefield prison. The case was widely reported in the national press, including by the BBC. Acquitted of attempted murder, convicted of section 18 wounding.

R v G and others (Central Criminal Court)
Represented one of nine youths accused of murder. Boy chased and stabbed by gang in Home Park in Sydenham. Acquitted of murder. Convicted of manslaughter. This case was reported by the BBC. 

R v H
Represented a serving army officer accused of rape. Acquitted.

R v O (Central Criminal Court) 
Murder and conspiracy to rob. Robbery of Matalan store, in which the manager was allegedly murdered.

R v G (Central Criminal Court)
Murder/manslaughter, section 18. Defended an ambulance-man accused of murdering his three-month-old son. The defendant was acquitted of the serious charges on the indictment – including murder/manslaughter. The case involved highly technical expert medical evidence from leading specialists in a wide variety of fields.

R v H (Central Criminal Court)
Represented one of two 15 year olds accused of murdering a paedophile. Acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter.

R v C (Central Criminal Court)
Multi-handed murder trial – defendant allegedly involved in execution style shooting.

R v C and others (Central Criminal Court)
Leading Counsel. Murder and attempted murder. Seven-handed gangland shooting in Streatham High Road. Successfully opposed a witness anonymity application. Defendant acquitted after submissions of no case to answer at close of prosecution case.

R v W and others (Woolwich Crown Court)
Leading Counsel. Operation Eaglewood. Money-laundering operation in which defendants were alleged to have laundered in excess of 100 million pounds worth of criminal proceeds from a large number of criminal gangs and organisations across the south east of England.

R v B (Winchester Crown Court)
Rape. Chef/Student acquitted of raping a criminal solicitor, who was too intoxicated to recall any of the events. Widely reported in national press.

R v K-B (Cambridge Crown Court)
Instructed as junior counsel. Double murder of two children by their mother.

R v H and others (Southwark Crown Court)
Leading Counsel. Operation Sunbird. Fraud and money laundering – represented a company director who laundered in excess of 14 million pounds.

R v A and others (Wood Green Crown Court)
Defendant acquitted of alleged involvement in gang rape, which culminated in the complainant being doused in caustic soda.

R v S (Central Criminal Court)
Murder – baby shaking. Detailed written submissions to the CPS resulted in no evidence being offered.

R v B (Central Criminal Court)
Prosecution accept guilty plea to manslaughter, based on Alcohol Dependency Syndrome/diminished responsibility.

R v T (Court of Appeal)
CCRC referral on fresh evidence. Indecent assault conviction from 1995 overturned.

R v O (Harrow Crown Court)
Leading Counsel – baby shaking – child cruelty.

R v A (Nottingham Crown Court)
Murder trial. Conviction appealed in relation to the proper application of section 101(1)(e) – admission of co-defendant’s bad character.

R v B (Kingston Crown Court)
Conspiracy to manufacture amphetamine sulphate.

R v A and others (Reading Crown Court)
High profile case concerning the murder of Mary Ann Leneghan and attempted murder of another in Prospect Park, Reading.

R v M and others (Bristol Crown Court)
Multi-handed conspiracy to murder involving co-ordinated shootings in Bristol and Croydon.

R v M and another (Central Criminal Court)
Murder allegedly involving members of the So Solid Crew.

R v  and others (Central Criminal Court)
Murder at Notting Hill after party. Case involved complex issues of law concerning the admission of hearsay evidence from an anonymous witness.