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Davina Krishnan

  • Call: 2004
Davina Krishnan
"Davina is extremely helpful, efficient and professional. I always receive encouraging comments from my clients and a request for her further assistance"
Gemma Noren, Tilley and Company Solicitors


Davina has a thriving and specialist practice in all areas of family law.

Davina is instructed in all areas of Children Act work. In public law children cases, Davina has experience of representing local authorities, parents, children’s guardians and children who are competent to give instructions. She is especially sensitive and astute to the needs of clients when representing parents with learning difficulties, drug addictions and mental health problems. Davina also has experience of representing various local authorities within the London Boroughs and the Counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Davina has particular experience of cases involving sexual abuse, non-accidental injuries, parental murder (including a parent being murdered during the course of proceedings), systemic physical abuse over significant periods of time, factious illness cases, cases involving selective and elective mutism, cases where there are concurrent or previous criminal proceedings (including those which have attracted high media attention), cases where the official solicitor has intervened and cases involving long standing issues of drug and alcohol abuse.

Davina has a fast developing expertise in forced marriage protection and has experience of cases involving both vulnerable adults and young teenagers.

In private law children proceedings, Davina has experience of cases involving the appointment of a 16.4 Guardian and dealing with implacably hostile parents and cases of sexual abuse. Davina is experienced in dealing with leave to remove from the jurisdiction cases and cases where religious upbringing and change of surname is an issue.

Additionally Davina has a strong ancillary relief practice, including cases with trust issues and assets held outside of the jurisdiction.


Davina has sat as a Trustee and Director of a women’s refuge and domestic violence service provider within north west London. She is currently a Trustee of “WISH” an organisation in north west London working with survivors of domestic violence, forced marriages, young self-harmers and children suffering from neglect and abuse.

Davina regularly provides CPD seminars on the subject of family law both in chambers and to groups of solicitors in areas local to their offices.

What Clients Say

“I have regularly instructed Davina to assist with numerous family law cases over the past few years. I must say that Davina’s assistance has been invaluable. Davina is extremely helpful, efficient and professional. I always receive encouraging comments from my clients and a request for her further assistance. When instructing Davina I have found that she is very accessible and friendly to approach. I have found that when working with Davina matters are always moved forward appropriately and she has a very pro-active and sensible approach to what are increasingly sensitive issues. I always receive detailed feedback from Davina following instructing her which has enabled my cases to continue to make swift progress and ensure there is no delay. I continue to regularly instruct and work with Davina and I would highly recommend her services.”
Gemma Noren – Tilley and Company Solicitors