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Alex Taylor-Camara

  • Call: 1989
Alex Taylor-Camara
Legal 500 UK Awards 2015: Winner


Alex practices exclusively within the field of criminal defence. Having practiced for over 20 years he now frequently acts as leading counsel as well as being lead on many high profile cases.

He covers a vast area within the field of criminal law ranging from serious sexual offences to VAT fraud, people trafficking and arson. The development of the SOCA has meant that many of the cases in which Alex is instructed involve well organised groups of alleged offenders charged with conspiracy to kidnap, robbery, deception and fraud.

Although based in London Alex practices throughout the country and has dealt with many trials in the Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, and the southern counties.

Having represented many people living in Toxteth, Moss Side, Handsworth, Brixton, Harlesden, Tottenham, Hackney, the docks in Cardiff, as well as inner city areas in Leeds, Coventry and Nottingham, Alex has gained a wealth of experience in criminal cases arising from disputes occurring in inner city areas. He has represented members of well known rival groups in Birmingham securing acquittals for members of both sides of the disputes.

Recent significant cases include

R v Brooks (Wood Green Crown Court)
The defendant was accused of possessing firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life. This was in relation to a shooting in broad daylight in Hackney in which a bystander was shot in the alleged exchange between rival gangs. A loaded sworn-off shot gun and a loaded hand gun were recovered and were scientifically linked to the shooting. Alex’s client was acquitted of all charges.

R v Sellick (Guildford Crown Court)

Alex represented a fireman, who was also an ambulance first responder, who was acquitted of actual bodily harm at trial. The defendant had been acting as a doorman part-time and was charged with assaulting a man he was lawfully helping the police detain on the ground. The prosecution eventually offered no evidence against him following a fully contested trial where the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

R v Boden & Vaughn-James

Alex represented two soldiers accused of perverting the course of justice. After being caught speeding, one defendant pretended their friend (the co-defendant, who was also in the armed forces) was driving and got him to do the speeding course. The pair eventually pleaded guilty and avoided immediate custody. This is highly unusual in such cases which usually attract immediate custody on policy grounds. The pair received suspended sentences.


Alex has continued to work within the inner cities and has represented many young men alleged to have been involved in so called post code gang offences. Of particular note Alex is currently instructed in a murder case said to have been the pre curser to the August disturbances and shooting of Mark Duggan.

He was recently lead on the Amy Leigh Barnes Murder trial in Manchester during which various premiership footballers were called as witnesses and which attracted national press coverage.

He was also junior counsel in another high profile murder case in Manchester concerning a dental nurse who was alleged to have murdered her boyfriend’s wife. In Birmingham he was junior counsel in numerous murder and attempted murder trials in which members of the Burger Boys and Johnson crew were accused of murder.

Recently he has represented younger defendants accused of being members of the Slash Money Crew or Slash. In London Alex has represented many individuals alleged to gang affiliations.


In stark contrast to a predominance of violent offences Alex has also lead many cases where people have been charged with the importation and distribution of large quantities of drugs.
Alex represented an air stewardess accused of importing kilograms of Class A drugs and was instructed to represent an alleged participant in a multi million pound conspiracy to import and distribute drugs through clothing retail and food retail outlets.

Although involved in some high level and high profile drug cases Alex does not shy away from representing those who have been found in possession of drugs whilst attending visits to prison or being accused of involvement in smaller scale drug conspiracies.

Alex has also dealt with cases concerning the distribution of drugs via the internet and conspiracies to distribute fake prescription and non prescription drugs. Sometimes these cases also involve allegations of fraud and trade description issues and may involve multiple agencies in their prosecution. having acquired experience in a variety of different criminal law areas whilst maintaining specialist knowledge provides Alex with the best credentials for defending such cases.

Violent Disorder

Alex is currently instructed on a number of cases arising from the August 2011 disturbances throughout London. These cases concern the more serious aspects of the disturbance where not only substantial damage was caused and property stolen and damaged but where serious levels of violence were used. Some of his current cases concern serious injuries being inflicted.

Alex continues to be instructed in cases out of London and was instructed in football violent disorder involving rival football supporters. This case concerned rival Burnley and Blackburn fans following their first meeting in the Premiership. Alex is also currently instructed in an alleged fraud case concerning the previous Mayor of Stockport.

Expert Medical Evidence

A recent murder cases in which Alex has been involved concerned significant medical expert evidence. This initially started life as a one punch manslaughter but developed into a fully contested murder case. It was complicated because the victim did not die at the scene or indeed at the hospital where he was observed over night. In this case the victim returned home and died 24 hours later. Issues of causation and medical negligence were raised and experts in the field of Radiology, Radiography, Pathology, Neurology, Neuropathology, and Microbiology, Toxicology and expert brain surgeons as well as numerous other doctors were called. The victim appeared to be suffered from a condition called Addison’s disease, which created a complex causation issue in the case as the evidence appeared to support the fact that he had attempted to commit suicide on the night he was struck.


Alex has been instructed in a wide variety of unusual cases such as frauds to obtain breast implants, share option frauds, insurance company frauds and frauds involving Christian preachers.

Alex recently represented the son of a well known haulage company accused of causing death by dangerous driving which involved complex European taco graph regulations and detailed expert evidence concerning HGV vehicles and breaking and stopping speeds and distances.

He has also represented a solicitor alleged to have continued to work without a licence as well as having been instructed in numerous mortgage frauds.

Serious Crime

Unfortunately the level of gun crime in the country has continued to rise and as such specialist knowledge and experience in this area in invaluable. Alex has represented individuals accused of possessing and using a variety of firearms and shot guns. Some cases have involved issues of complex identification of the weapons as antiques and or memorabilia whilst other cases have concerned their origin and conversion.

A recent case he was involved in concerned the police opening up a dummy shop in a local inner city to try and infiltrate local gangs said to have access to a variety of firearms. This operation resulted in the arrest of dozens of individuals all recorded during covert mobile phone conversations and also covert CCTV recording those who visited the dummy shop. The defendant represented by Alex was said to be a supplier of weapons and near the source which was said to have involved military persons and foreign nationals.


Recently Alex represented a client described in the press as the most prolific fly tipper in the country who had previously been accused of emptying hundreds of old tyres outside a magistrates court preventing the district judges and JP’s from getting access to the court.

Alex has represented members of well known and aspiring music groups such as So Solid, K2 Family, Big Brothers,


Having come to the Bar in 1988 and called in 1989 Alex initially practiced in a wide rage of areas such as civil actions against the police, family law, immigration and housing. Over the many years of practice Alex has begun to specialise his areas of practice and now works exclusively within the field of criminal law.

Before coming to the Bar Alex practiced as a solicitor. Whilst working in a firm actively involved in the community, Alex represented a number of young men arrested during the Broadwater Farm disturbances. His experiences during that time galvanised his commitment and determination to ensure that those most disadvantaged in the community received the best quality representation available.

Other activities

Alex has attended local inner city schools and community centres to talk to children about how the law affects them on the street and has assisted in numerous mentor schemes, targeting disadvantaged young black youths.

Alex has also contributed to focus groups organised by the Mayor to address the increase in youth violence and gang violence.

Other interests

Football, cricket and athletics.