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Alex Rose

  • Call: 2003
Alex Rose
Legal 500 UK Awards 2015: Winner
"He has a strong practice defending in terrorism trials." "Instructed by well-regarded firms in POCA matters and complex frauds."
Legal 500


Alex Rose has been ranked again by Chambers and Partners for crime in the Chambers UK Bar Guide 2018 and in the Legal 500 2017.

Alex is a highly experienced criminal defence practitioner and is widely recognised as a leading junior having been instructed in many high-profile trials and appeals in recent years. He is regularly instructed in cases involving homicide and other serious violence; terrorism; fraud and financial regulation; the importation/supply of controlled drugs and sexual offences. Alex is known for his thorough preparation and meticulous attention to detail. He is strong on legal submissions and displays flair in presenting a case before a jury. Alex is often instructed to represent vulnerable defendants, including those with learning disabilities and mental health problems, and young persons charged with grave crimes. Recent highlights include successfully defending a former commonwealth boxer accused of terrorism offences linked to the Islamic State (IS) and securing acquittals in a number of gang-related murders.

“He can put the wheels back on a case when it looks like it is heading towards a car crash.”
Legal 500 2017

“He has a strong practice defending in terrorism trials.”
Legal 500 2016



R v R – murder by stabbing (ongoing)
R v TRJ – Multi-handed murder by stabbing. Defendant acquitted of all charges: murder, manslaughter and wounding with intent. This case has been reported by the BBC
R v G – Multi-handed murder by stabbing. Defendant acquitted of all charges.
R v MG – Attempted murder. Defendant acquitted of all charges.
R v Krasniqi – Attempted murder of Bosnian war-criminal Radislav Kristic by prisoners with political/religious motivation. Defendant acquitted of attempted murder. This case was reported by the BBC
R v Spence – Murder of the son of the former Prime Minister of Somalia.  The Defendant was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and wounding with intent.  This case was reported by the BBC
R v Brown – Attempted murder, aiding and abetting assisted suicide.  Defendant sentenced to a Community Order. This case was reported by the BBC


R v K – Engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts (ongoing)
R v A – terror-related prison unrest and violence (ongoing)
R v MA – terror-related prison unrest and violence (ongoing)
R v Small – Engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorists acts; dissemination of a terrorist publication; support for a proscribed organisation. This was a high-profile trial of former Commonwealth Champion boxer – acquitted of all charges; this case was reported by the BBC.
R v C – fundraising for purposes of terrorism (ongoing)
R v A – fundraising for purposes of terrorism

Other Serious Violence

R v N – Multi-handed conspiracy to commit blackmail and false imprisonment (ongoing)
R v MO – Armed robbery (ongoing)
R v Mfinda – Multiple stabbings; DNA evidence [acquitted]. This case was reported by the Harrow Times
R v Driouch – Operation Withern; August riots
R v McGlue – Operation Withern; August riots [acquitted]
R v Bowman – Operation Intrados; gang violence
R v Simmonds – Operation Hemah; Cash-in-transit robberies
R v Williams – Possession of an arsenal of prohibited firearms/ammunition [acquitted]
R v Taibi – Cash-in-transit robbery [acquitted]
R v Sweeney – Armed robbery; DNA evidence [acquitted]
R v Kane – Wounding with intent; nightclub glassing [acquitted]
R v Zulfiqar – Wounding with intent; stabbing [acquitted]

Fraud and Financial Regulation

R v M Multi-million pound fraud by false representation involving a letting agency
R v K – Multi-million pound fraud by abuse of position involving multi-national companies (ongoing)
R v Babatunde Akinlabi – Leading Junior for the first defendant in high-profile multi-handed £1 million Gumtree phishing fraud. Cut-throat defence and very similar previous conviction ruled admissible. Only defendant to be acquitted by the jury. This case was reported by the BBC
R v Stewart – Fraud by false representation; Unprecedented and high profile multi-handed trial of private investigators. Acted for only acquitted defendant. This case was reported by The Independent
R v Wilson – Complex fraud by investment banker
R v Williams – Serious Fraud Office (SFO) prosecution of a multi-handed mortgage fraud running into millions of pounds
R v Azam – SFO prosecution of a complex mortgage fraud by mortgage broker running into millions
R v Bohat – Production of false identity documents; passport factory
R v Latif – Fraud perpetrated on the trustee-in-bankruptcy
R v Patel – First parent to be prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006 for catchment area address fraud [acquitted]. This case has been reported by the BBC

Drugs and Proceeds of Crime Act

R v D Conspiracy to supply three tonnes on cocaine outside of the jurisdiction (ongoing)
R v A – Conspiracy to supply six and half kilograms of heroin (ongoing)
R v L – Conspiracy to supply industrial quantities of cocaine
R v MA – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply heroin (ongoing)
R v CB – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine (ongoing)
R v Capone – ‘Operation Ettrick’ Conspiracy to supply 20 kg of Class A drugs
R v Shaksy – ‘Operation Steel’; Conspiracy to import three kg of cocaine
R v Ghafur – Conspiracy to import large quantities of heroin into the UK from Pakistan concealed inside the mooli vegetable [acquitted]. More information can be found on the Metropolitan Police website
R v Capone – Limited role in drugs conspiracy; ring-fencing benefit
R v Solanki – Erroneous application of lifestyle assumptions
R v K – Conspiracy to supply 11.5 kg of cocaine; SOCPA agreement
R v Lindsay – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine; admissibility of text messages [acquitted]

Sexual Offences

R v DHistoric familial rape and sexual activity with children (ongoing)
R v JD – Attempted rape, kidnap, sexual assault; DNA cold case review (ongoing);
R v SC – Sexual assault; child complainant (ongoing)
R v Gent – Rape, assault by penetration [acquitted]
R v Nhamoinesu – Assault by penetration [acquitted]
R v Ghirmay – Rape [acquitted]
R v Scott – Rape; abuse of process by delay [stayed]
R v Barrett – Rape, sexual touching; child complainant [acquitted]
R v Barakat – Sexual assault; child complainant [acquitted]
R v R – Rape, sexual assault; child complainant

Other Crime

R v L – Operation Gesticulate – Multi-handed conspiracy to facilitate the arrival of asylum seekers into the UK for gain (ongoing).
R v Soltani  Multi-handed conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law – The use of forged documents to leave a member state in order to enter the United Kingdom does not make the entry into the United Kingdom illegal unless those documents are presented to immigration officials so as to practice deceit to secure entry (Kapoor and Naillie applied and Bina distinguished) – legal argument led to prosecution offering no evidence and NG verdicts.
R v El-Togby
Public order; counter-protest against the EDL [acquitted]. This case was reported by the BBC
R v K K detained in UK prison pending extradition to Algeria having been convicted in absentia for inter alia corruption; charged with supplying drugs [acquitted]
R v Mohammed – Prohibited firearm; exceptional circumstances
R (Terry Adams) v SS for Justice & NPS – Judicial review of licence and MAPPA conditions; Head of well-known Adams family; high level of media scrutiny relied on by defendants to justify the MAPPA Level 3 designation for TA for money laundering offence. This case received national press coverage

Court of Appeal/Admin Court

R v M – CCRC Appeal against conviction – defective directions: failure to mention facts relied on and alibi (leave granted – ongoing)
R v L – Appeal against conviction – wrongful admission of bad character evidence (leave granted – ongoing)
R v KBnew post-LASPO Extended Sentence quashed and determinate sentence substituted, for conspiracy to commit robberies using imitation firearms
R v Simon Benton – IPP quashed and extended sentence substituted: R v Simon Benton [2014] EWCA Crim 108
R v AD – August riots sentence; unduly disparate (ongoing)
R v BA Appeal against IPP (ongoing)
R v GM – CCRC Appeal against conviction; erroneous inference from silence direction (ongoing)
R v CB – Appeal against rape conviction; fresh evidence (ongoing)
R v Richards – August riots sentence; unduly disparate
R v Brown [2011] EWCA Crim 838 – IPP quashed for determinate sentence;
R v Regan [2012] EWCA Crim 1974- Cost order; disparity
R v Mayhew -[2011] EWCA Crim 243 – Insufficient credit for guilty plea
R v Pack – Whether deed transfer is a gift caught by the CJA 1988. This case was reported by The London Evening Standard
R v McCann [2009] EWCA Crim 1336- Distraction burglary on elderly; manifestly excessive
R(M) v Herts Constab.[2008] EWHC 2360 (Admin) – Habeas Corpus; manipulation of PACE clock ;
B v DPP [2008] EWHC 1655 (Admin); Appeal by way of case stated: Duty of plain-clothed police officers to produce documentary evidence even when suspect is well known (Archbold 2013, para. 15-54)