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Richard Harvey

  • Call: 1971
Richard Harvey

“Held in high esteem for his impressive work at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.”

“He is extremely good and very dedicated.”

Chambers UK 2014


A passion for human rights and social justice caused Richard to join the Bar 40 years ago. In London, New York, Belfast and The Hague, he has built a formidable reputation in International Criminal Tribunals, human rights, environmental law, criminal trials, tribunals of inquiry, appeals and inquests. Today, he chairs Garden Court International and his advice on human rights and environmental issues is sought by many groups, including Greenpeace International and Amnesty International.

What Others Say

Richard Harvey is held in high esteem for his impressive work at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. “He is extremely good and very dedicated.”
Chambers UK 2014

International criminal cases

Prosecutor v Radovan Karadzic, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, (2009 to date), The Hague, Netherlands
Lead counsel appointed by Tribunal to protect the interests of self-representing accused, former President of Republika Srpska, charged with genocide and other major war crimes.

Prosecutor v Lahi Brahimaj, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (2005 to date), The Hague, Netherlands

Lead counsel at trial, appeal and re-trial (the first re-trial in the history of the ICTY) of Kosovo Liberation Army leader accused of war crimes.

Prosecutor v Haradin Bala, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (2004 – 2005), The Hague, Netherlands

Co-counsel for Kosovan Liberation Army soldier accused in war crimes case.

Juvenal Kajelijeli, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, (1999-2000), Arusha, Tanzania

Co-counsel for former mayor accused of genocide and war crimes before ICTR.

Other current and recent international work

Northern Ireland: Operation Ballast Oversight Panel (2010 to date)
review Police Service of Northern Ireland progress on investigations into numerous murders and other serious criminal offences committed in North Belfast over many years.

The Hague:
Special Tribunal for Lebanon (2012 ongoing)
Consultant to Association of Defence Counsel, The Hague.

Capital Cases Sentencing Project (2012) Kampala, Uganda
On behalf of CCSP, based at University of Westminster, devised and presented workshops to senior judges and lawyers on alternatives to death penalty.

legal adviser to National Democratic Front of the Philippines in negotiations with Government of Philippines aimed at ending decades of armed conflict

Government of Bermuda (2009-2010)
Adviser on international environmental issues.

: legal adviser to Former Premier of Bermuda (2012)

: (2009)
Adviser to major international financial institution on duties and liabilities in responding to Request for Assistance from International Criminal Court Prosecutor.

Inquiry work

Bloody Sunday: The Saville Inquiry (2000 – 2010)
Counsel for the family of James Wray, killed by British Army.

Family of Patrick Finucane (2008 to date)
Advising family of murdered Belfast solicitor.

Inquest work

Bennett, R (on the application of) v HM Coroner for Inner South London & Ors [2007] EWCA Civ 617
Inquest into death of Afro-Caribbean man shot in the back by Metropolitan Police. Counsel at inquest and on appeal.

Matter of Blair Peach, 1980

Represented the Anti-Nazi League at the inquest into the death of teacher killed by Metropolitan Police

Sample UK criminal cases

R v Abernethy & Ors (2008)
Armagh Crown Court. Lead counsel for defendant in £15m cigarette smuggling conspiracy.

R v O’Donnell & Ors (2008)

Belfast Crown Court. Lead counsel for anti-war activist in 2006 protest against Israel Defence Force bombing of civilians in Lebanon.

R v Jawad Akbar & Ors (2005-2007)

Central Criminal Court, London. “Operation Crevice” conspiracy to cause explosions in central London.

R v Tahira Tabassum & Ors (2004)

Central Criminal Court, London. Withholding information under Terrorism Act in relation to suicide bombing in Israel.


From 1980 to 2000, Richard taught human rights and practised law in Harlem, New York. This included serving as counsel to Government of South Africa since 1996, counsel to President Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, assisting in prosecuting murder and intimidation under the military junta. Richard has advised governments of Asian, African and Caribbean countries, including Bermuda, Namibia, Cape Verde, Trinidad & Tobago and Vietnam.

In New York he conducted numerous major criminal cases, including United States v Filiberto Ojeda Rios & Ors, where he represented the leader of the Puerto Rican underground liberation movement, accused of masterminding $7.2 m armoured car robbery and shooting an FBI agent. Richard also conducted many major political asylum cases involving clients from Haiti, Northern Ireland and apartheid South Africa.